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Wedding Trends – The Black and White Wedding Cake

Black and white allows you to easily match other decorations and accents throughout the celebration. This cake can look many things, depending on how it is designed, including elegant, modern, sophisticated and stunning.

White wedding cakes are the traditional choice, but for brides who just want to spice it up a little, black can be very stunning. For those brides who still want it mostly white they can have slight accents of black such as adding dots or swirls to the cake, but leaving it mostly white.

Many brides and grooms choose to evenly distribute the black and white on their wedding cake. One way to do this is to alternate the color of each tier of the cake.

Other popular trends for black and white wedding cakes include having designs or patterns on the cakes. As mentioned before this can be quite simple such as dots (polka dotted themes are always popular) to stripes, lines, and swirls. Hearts and other geometric objects are also quite popular. Sometimes you will see other designs such as intricate leaves, flowers, ribbons or even a specific picture painted on the cake.

If you want a black and white cake but are still looking for a touch of color, that can be done too. You might decide to use flower petals either directly on your cake or artfully positioned on the cake table. If you like the idea of color but you don’t want flowers, you can ask your baker to see samples of where they blended in small amounts of color into the cake design.

If you do decide to go with a black and white wedding cake, you are going to want to make sure that the cake topper and any other cake decorations you choose go with the rest of the look you have created. Many people would tend to stay away from a topper or cake jewelry which is overly colorful, as it might clash with the actual cake.

The black and white wedding cake is a popular choice among brides and grooms in all types of weddings. If you do decide this is the color scheme for you, make sure it matches the rest of your day, including your color schemes and decor. Whereas black and white is beautiful, you do not want it to look like it is at the wrong wedding.

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A Wedding Invitation Blog To Include In Your Wedding Invitation

Getting married is one of the grandest events of life you will experience, and keeping chase of all the moments is evenly important. One way to chronicle your Wedding planning process is to initiate a Wedding Invitation Blog. You should start this prior to sending out your Wedding Invitations.

Blogs have rocketed in popularity, teenagers, with CEOs and even grandmas Blogging about their interests and lives. Why not writes a Wedding Invitation Blog to connect with your clients, keeping everybody informed on your Wedding progress? Even after the Wedding bells have ringed, you will have a beautiful diary of all the decisions and moments decisions leading up to your special day.

Another good reason to compose a Wedding Invitation Blog is if you are planning a terminus Wedding or if you anticipate mostly out of town Guests. For a destination wedding, it is a good idea to upload Photos of your Wedding destination, as well as activity and accommodation information. For a Wedding where you bear many out of town Guests to attend, a Wedding Invitation Blog can serve much the same intention and showcase your wedding location, area as well as offer practical travel details in an easily approachable format.

By including links to travel information on your wedding blog, you can forego enclosing this information in your wedding invitation. A Blog is not normally a one-sided Journal, but a current conversation. Invite your Guests to respond and comment, making a dialogue that keeps you engrossed with your Guests.

You should as well upload Photos of you and your fianc. You would show engagement Photos, as well as photos your tribulations and planning trials. Take Photos of the Wedding party assaying on tuxes and dresses for your Blog Photo Album. Include Photos from your Bridal shower so invitees who were not able to attend can still enjoy seeing you on photos.

Dont forget about sweet short video clips. If you fess up a Video Camera and upload most memorable scenes from various Bridal events, your Guests will feel let in the process. If you are entertaining a Destination Wedding, get Guests charged up by including Beautiful Photos from your destination. If you plan a trip to both finalize and visit Wedding plans, document this on your Wedding Invitation Blog through video clips and photos. You may even come after in convincing a few wavering guests to make their Plans to attend.

Whether you go all out and let in numerous video clips or photos or keep it simple with appropriate travel and Wedding Information, your Guests will enjoy taking part in your progress to the aisle, and your Blog will provide you a priceless keepsake.

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Wedding Pictures Make Your Wedding Day Be Remembered!

On the most important day in your existence, there is one rule that you should bear in mind, and that is, never let the perfect moments become not captured by your cameras.Maybe youre thinking that everything is all set for your wedding day but take another look, is your photographer or videographer included in your checklists? If not then here are some of the things you can choose from on which style of wedding photography.

Wedding photography deals primarily about taking photos or videos before, during and after a wedding ceremony. Robbi G.W. Ernst III listed six styles of wedding photography commonly used by photographers and videographers, on which you could choose from to best suit your taste, on his book entitled Great Wedding Tips from the Experts.

First on his list is the Portraiture photography or portrait photography This type of photography is done mainly in the studio with various lights and lenses being used by the photographers. It features the couple in a medium or medium close-up shot to create that mood and captures the personality of the couple. Portrait photography uses the three-point lighting and butterfly lighting plan to bring out the best features of couples.

Second on his list is the photojournalism style which, like photos in a newspaper, is not staged but depicts a certain story. Photographers using this kind of photography frequently take a number of shots to capture the various moments of your wedding day, thats why hiring photographers using this style has a higher price compared to those using other types of photography. One thing you must remember when choosing this style is that you cant anticipate having group poses here.

Candid photography on the other hand, is a combination of the portraiture, photojournalism and environmental styles. It focuses on spontaneity rather than technique. Cameras use for this type of photography is the light-weight types to produce unobtrusive pictures. The things that you will acquire from this style are pictures of people eating, dancing, talking or sitting in groups of 8 or 10.

Next is the environmental style of photography which produces photos in candid or posed in a natural background or setting. It could be the bride riding on a horse or a picture of the couple with their family in a picturesque scene, near a lake or pond, or even migratory birds flying in the background.

On the other hand, the Progressive style of photography uses off-angled shots, cross processing and dramatic lighting techniques. This style gives an increasing intensity to the tone and color of the picture.

The last on his list of styles suitable for weddings is the artistic photography which deals with the aesthetics. It is associated with dramatic poses and creative lighting to evoke a particular feeling among the viewers.

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Make Your Event Memorable with a Portable Photo Booth!

A photo booth can be a fun twist to any event. Guests love to jump in, make funny faces, snap a few pictures and then share them with others. Since photo booths are the growing trend in events, renting one isn’t hard. A portable photo booth can be arranged for virtually any event location. Here are some tips on making the most out of your photo booth experience.

Most people when looking into photo booth rentals are most concerned with costs. While photo booths are portable, it will be well worth it and less expensive if you search out photo booth companies that are in your local area or are easily accessible to your specific area. One of the largest costs of photo booth rentals is the cost of transportation if you happen to not be in the company’s area. A quick Internet search should help you locate photo booth companies within your area. Another thing to check out is the minimum number of hours you must rent the booth for. Some require a three hour minimum. If your event isn’t that long then you must pay for it anyway and that’s not a good use of your money. Finally, check what all you get with a portable photo booth rental. Ideally, you should get unlimited prints for the duration of your event and you should be provided with an attendant throughout your whole event so you don’t have to worry about set up, tear down or keeping the booth running throughout.

Portable photo booths come in different options and many companies offer different things. The classic photo booth is one with a framed metal structure, curtains to make it more private, the camera on a timer and one background option. More modern types are solid structures that can often have the exterior designed to match an event’s theme. These modern types also often enable the backgrounds to be changed easily throughout the event and allow guests to actually take the picture themselves with the touch of a button or screen. Additionally, not all photo booths are the same size. Generally they take up little space, but make sure you get exact measurements to ensure you set aside the proper space at your event.

Typically one set of prints is printed off per guest, but some companies are now printing two sets of prints per guest in order for the host of the event to get a copy of all pictures taken in the photo booth. A great idea is to get a scrapbook and encourage guests to put their extra print in it for you, so you don’t have to. Additionally, some companies are starting to offer scrapbooks as part of their photo booth packages.

Photo booths are commonly seen at weddings, but that isn’t the only place that portable photo booths tend to be very popular. Guests at school functions such as proms, homecoming and Valentine’s Day dances love photo booths as do guests at graduation parties and class reunions. Photo booths can also be very popular at personal events like anniversary parties, birthday parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, holiday parties and family reunions. Corporate events are also starting to utilize photo booths such as conferences, corporate parties and trade shows. Trade shows are especially popular uses for photo booths because attendees tend to gravitate towards booths with unique opportunities like a photo booth.

In general, you can’t go wrong with the rental of a portable photo booth. No matter what type of event you’re planning, your guests will love it and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get it.

Sandy Winslow is a writer of many subjects including event planning. Here’s tips for getting the most for your money and on renting a portable photo booth


What Drives a Michigan Photo Booth Company Owner Crazy

I was doing a photo booth last week when a guest came up to me and asked if I was _____ Photo Booth Company. I said no and he replied how they were at a recent event he attended. He went on to mention a couple of things he noticed with the company. It took me a couple of minutes to explain the difference between our booth and theirs. I kept thinking about our conversation on the drive home, and it inspired me to write this article.

Since the photo booth industry is still in infancy, there are many unknown variables that clients and even vendors don’t understand. Then there are some things that just drive me crazy with other photo booth companies. Now, I take a lot of pride in the services Encore provides and the people we get to interact with are great. So I hope you enjoy my little rant on photo booths below.

1.) We use the BEST printers… Really ask them what kind of printer they are using, if it is not dye sublimation next the company. The printer can impact the quality of your photos. To learn more about the difference between dye sublimation and inkjet read our article here.

2.) You get a custom design footer… Take the time to look at their designs, are they all the same? Some people that run photo booth companies wouldn’t know how to design their way out of a tic tac toe drawing. A truly custom designed footer means font choices, layout options, gradient overlays, and proper shadowing.

3.) Our booths are the most comfortable in the land… How comfortable can it be to stand the entire time? What about your handicapped guests, how will they fit in the photo? A removable bench is the best way to go and they are just down right comfy. At least they will keep your guests from making faces like the photo on the right.

4.) You will get a professionally designed photo booth… It is important to see the quality of the photo booth. You have put forth so much effort in the finer details of your wedding. Last thing you want is a booth that looks like it belongs in a mall, or better yet, one that looks like it was made in someone’s backyard. If it is not completely enclosed then your guests will not have the right amount of privacy. This means your photos might turn out looking like blah.

5.) Our photos are phenomenal… Here is a quick litmus test, look at the sample photos on their website. Do the guests look pale? Do the photos look like blurry blobs? This means the photo booth company is not using a flash with their camera. This is frowned upon because photo quality is greatly reduced. It is way more fun to be spontaneous in the booth and take photos while moving. Would you want to sit in one place the entire time?

Photo Booth Conclusion?

Those are 5 very important considerations when booking a photo booth company. Hopefully, if you are looking to reserve a photo booth you will keep these points in mind. Last thing you would want is to go crazy the day of your event just to be like… huh that Encore guy was right!

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Black and White Wedding Photographs

There is no doubt that weddings are full of rich colors and it is the photographer’s job to capture them in all their glory. However, black and white photographs are old-fashioned, which in itself adds character to the prints and brings out the beauty of the entire day. The bride’s father walking her down the aisle, the bride and groom exchanging their vows and their first kiss- these moments are perfect for black and white prints. Black and white photographs capture emotions in a way that color photographs cannot. This is because when an individual looks at such photographs; his eyes need not process the myriad of colors- which is why the true splendor of the moment is understood properly. Most couples who wish to have a small but intimate wedding prefer black and white wedding photographs. This is because black and white photographs allow the images to seem timeless.

The good news for brides who want to look flawless on their wedding day is that b&w photographs make imperfections less noticeable. This is because the grayness in the pictures camouflages the redness of the skin. Therefore, if the bride does not want her freckles to show on her big day- she should definitely opt for black and white photographs.

Black and white photographs also have a longer life when compared to colored photographs which have been known to fade 50 years after they have been clicked. Black and white photographs on the other hand are printed have been known to last through generations as they are developed on a special paper called archival paper. The main purpose behind clicking photographs is to freeze memories and black and white photographs are successful in doing so.

As a wedding photographer, you should form a portfolio with your best black and white photographs which should be presented to prospective clients so that a good deal can be reached. This will also allow them to trust you to carry out the task without any hitches. This will allow help you to build a good reputation for future work.

Lighting is an important element when it comes to beautiful photographs. It is essential to know how to position yourself so that the shadows are perfect and do not distort the image. This becomes all the more important with b&w photographs. With enough experience, you will realize that if you focus on this aspect- the wedding photographs will have an ethereal glow about them- the lights above the altar will shine- the bride’s hair will look softer and the groom’s tuxedo will look striking Needless to say, the couple will be more than happy with your work.

Photography, especially wedding photography is guided by good timing. With black and white photographs, it should be combined with a good perspective as well. If you take colored photographs from an odd angle, they may end up looking flat. However, if you do the same with black and white photographs, the elegance of the photographs will be further enhanced.

In conclusion, b&w photograph are undoubtedly beautiful and they make photographs meaningful and personal. What you need to remember is to know how to have fun with the technology and not be afraid to take risks.

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Display the Moments on Canvas of Wedding Photo Frames

Silence can, sometimes, be more expressive than words. When you attend any celebration, you never get a chance to converse with the recipients properly due to the huge crowd waiting to wish the guest of honor. As a result, you do not able to express or show the recipients what emotions you possess in your heart for him or her. Since you are unable to convey your messages to the recipient, the quality photo frames have been introduced to do this on your behalf. These are the items which top the list of presents irrespective of the nature of occasion. Either they are baby photo frames or birthday picture frames or wedding photo frames; they are the best items of presentation.

Wedding is a new beginning of an individual’s life. This is the moment when two people are tied in an unconditional bond of love for lifetime. It, therefore, is a magical moment in everyone’s life. Wedding photo frames are the most valuable items that you can present to the newly wedded couple so that they can preserve each and every moment of the occasion and cherish it for life. No one in this world would ever desire to forget the day he or she gets into a new relationship with his life partner. Wedding photo frames are the only items that give the couples an opportunity to preserve the wonderful beginning of their married life.

Several gift items exist which an individual can prefer over quality photo frames, but still these frames have their own value. Most of the people consider photo frames to be an item which are used for no specific purpose. These groups of people prefer expensive materialistic items over the picture frames. But they forget that an individual is fond of emotions more than materials and luxuries. Wedding photo frames, therefore, cannot be replaced with even the most expensive presents in the world.

Wherever you go, you carry a camera with you to capture the delightful moments of your life. Especially, when you get married, each and every ritual that you follow, you might want to keep it preserved for lifetime. Wedding photo frames are the best ways in which you can preserve the biggest and most precious moments of your life. Earlier, the photo frames were simple in appearance and plain in design. But with the increasing popularity of these pieces as one of the most sought after presentation items, the focus of the manufacturers has been shifted to the physical appearance of the frames. This, in turn, has made wide varieties of wedding photo frames available to the gift givers so that they could choose the most suitable ones among them.

If you genuinely want to make your gift memorable for your friend or cousin, presenting wedding photo frames would be great alternatives. Searching for a suitable picture frame, however, has been made quite easier with the help of online shopping sites. You can simply type the words or phrases related to your search and you will be taken to varied quality photo frames options to choose from.

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Wedding Photo Frames – The Pan Harmonic Gift

The longest quotient between two individuals is that of marriage. It is such a relation that has no definition and no limitations. The vastness of this relation is beyond measure. It is the sum total of all the human emotions that an individual is capable of feeling. Marriage is love. Marriage is fight. Marriage is delicate. Marriage is might. The equation that is shared between the two individuals in question meanders through a lot of crests and troughs. It is then that the strongest relation on Earth is founded. It is therefore an undisputed fact that the couple treasure every moment of this enriching journey with the help of wedding photo frames. The photo frames act like a portal that carries the individuals to the precise memories that they desire to relive.

The photo frames are available in such a wide variety that each and every occasion comes under its shade. It is omnipresent as far as the range of gifts is concerned. The quality of being exceptional is what sets it apart from the other gift items. It is applicable to all celebrations yet it never fails to create its own place and niche. It is astounding to see the wide scope of opportunities that the photo frames provide to the individual in concern seeking desperately for the perfect gift. If the individual in concern thinks gift then he or she undeniably thinks about this option. The selection of the perfect gift is raised particularly on two occasions. Firstly when the individual in concern is contemplating a gift for somebody very dear and secondly when the individual in concern is contemplating a gift for somebody who is perhaps an acquaintance or a colleague from the professional arena. The separate problem has a single solution: a photo frame.

The wedding photo frames are unique in themselves. That is to say that the photo frames available within the range of anniversary frames are also exclusive as per the anniversary in concern. The frames are available for:

1st Wedding Anniversary or Paper Anniversary

8th Wedding Anniversary or Bronze Anniversary

10th Wedding Anniversary or Tin Anniversary

25th Wedding Anniversary or Silver Anniversary

30th Wedding Anniversary or Pearl Anniversary

40th Wedding Anniversary or Ruby Anniversary

5th Wedding Anniversary or Sapphire Anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary or Golden Anniversary

60th Wedding Anniversary or Diamond Anniversary

Not to mention the fact that there are a plethora of photo frames in each of the ibid categories. Therefore selecting the appropriate wedding photo frames have now become a complete cakewalk. The barriers that usually come to the forefront while choosing gifts are those pertaining to the age or preferences of the person for whom the gift is being bought. However, in this case all the barriers are overcome as the frames suit all occasions irrespectively.

While the wedding photo frames pertain to a particular occasion, the universal set for photo frames is enormous. The individual in concern has a kaleidoscopic variety to choose from. The problem of gifting is therefore no more a problem.

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How To Create Amazing Wedding Photo Books

In the wake of every major event, one typically finds hundreds of photographs to manage. Most often, they find their way into a traditional photo album. And a good number of photos may also get lost in the process.

Lets take the example of a wedding ceremony. Its an event that sees thousands of photographs being taken. Its not easy to get all of them printed (given the cost and time involved), then put up on a photo album, organized neatly and securely fixed. However, dont be disappointed if you find that youve accidentally missed out of a few good snaps after youve completed putting together your album.

Why go into so much trouble when you can easily add (or subtract) photos from your collection with a digital photo book software. It makes life so much easier.

Some of the best photo book software available today come with a host of very useful features and have very remarkable capabilities, such as built-in Special Fx that lets you turn colored photographs into beautiful black and white, or even add brown filters and tilt lens styled effects.

You can also make photo book that you can carry around and take places with this software. The software generates ready to print PDF files which will let you print your digital photo book and share with your friends and relatives. It requires no special skills or expertise to make the photo book. Just adjust a few simple settings and hit the print button. It has never been simpler.

Some of the other features present include the ability to ensure that only an Admin with a license key can modify the Print Ready Files, and integrate with other photo sites like Flickr and the ability to add images from the WebOnTheFly. You may have seen or made plenty of photo albums in the past, but few can match the fun and convenience of the digital photo book.

So go ahead, get all your photos neatly organized with the photo book software and make a photo book you will be really proud of. Youll love it!

Author Bio: Myself webmaster of PrintersRose the best online photo book designer and photo book printing services where you can make photo book your own and wedding photo book that you would be proud to show to friends and family.

Wedding Photos of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Unveiled

The celebrity couple Joel Madden and Nicole Richie experienced their memorial wedding ceremony at  Lionel home of Nicole’s father at the Los Angeles estate on Saturday, December 11, 2010. After 4-year dating, the pair officially tied the knot under the sight of relatives, close friends and distinguished guests. In fact, Nicole Richie wants to keep their wedding photos secret; however, some have been revealed on People Magazine. It’s wonderful that their two children, 2-year-old daughter Harlow, and 5-month-old son Sparrow were taken to their parents’ wedding party. Let’s have a look at the most breathtaking photos during the wedding ceremony of Joel Madden and Nicole Richie on December 11, 2010.


Nicole Richie’s smile and eyes was filled with happiness when she was hand in hand with her hubby Joel Madden along the church hall


As a wife and a husband, the celebrity couple danced together for the first time during their wedding ceremony


That’s a great and luxurious wedding cake of Joel Madden and Nicole Richie


The 29-year-old bride and the 31-year-old groom posed happily with their adorable kids, Harlow, 2 years old and Sparrow, 5 months old


The beautiful bride was spotted with her two most important men in her life, father- American singer-songwriter, Lionel Richie and her husband, Joel Madden


Names of the bride and groom were embroidered on Nicole Richie’s wedding gown


A lovely elephant attended the wedding party of Joel Madden and Nicole Richie


The Hollywood couple  started dating in December 2006 and had two children together before they decided to tie a knot by such a nice wedding party


The couple’s night wedding party was simple serving guests with a red green salad, butternut squash ravioli, filet mignon or tuna


According to People Magazine, the wedding between Joel Madden and Nicole Richie is a big end-of-year, “Best of 2010″ special event



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