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What Is A Chai Centre And What Can You Do There?

A Chai Centre, or Chabad house as it is otherwise known, is a Jewish community centre that serves the needs of the Jewish community. They are very popular in areas densely populated with the Jewish faith, and provide the followers of the religion with support and the care that they need. This article will outline some of the activities and ceremonies that can be held in a Chai Centre, to give you a better understanding of their purpose in the Jewish community.

Torah Classes

One of the most common activities held in Chai Centres are Torah classes. Torah is the Hebrew word for the first five books of the bible and it is the foundation of the Old Testament. In these classes, people will learn about the history of the Torah and the characters within the text. It often referenced to the modern day, and helps people understand how the Torah can influence their lives and their relationship with god.


Chabad houses also provide a synagogue service known as a Shabbat. Shabbat is the Jewish Sabbath, which is celebrated every week from sundown on Friday to nightfall of Saturday. Shabbat starts with the lighting of candles by women and girls on Friday afternoon, followed by evening prayers. The Jewish community will then enjoy a festive meal which is opened by the Kiddush blessing over wine or grape juice, followed by the Hamotzieblessing over two whole loaves of bread called Challah. This meal is an integral part of oneg Shabbat “delighting the Shabbat”.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s are common events at Chai Centres. They not only provide the synagogue service, but also somewhere for the ceremony party to take place.

A Bar Mitzvah is the initiation ceremony of a Jewish boy who is now able to observe religious precepts and eligible to take part in public worship. When a boy reaches the age of 13, he is said to become a Bar Mitzvah, which literally translates to “son of commandment”. At this age he now has the same rights as a fully grown man and is ethically and morally responsible for his decisions and actions.

A Bat Mitzvah is the initiation ceremony of a Jewish girl who has reached the age of religious maturity. This age is always 12 years and one day. When a girl becomes a Bat Mitzvah she is now a daughter of commandment and has the same rights as an adult. On this day she is now also responsible for her actions on a moral and ethical level.

After either a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a celebratory party usually takes place where there is food is eaten and gifts are given to the child.

Other Activities

Other than religious ceremonies and events, the Chai Center also gives the Jewish community somewhere to learn and to interact with other Jewish people. There are often friendship circles provided in each Chabad house, which allows everyone to get together to participate in fun activities, such as charity events and raffles.

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How To Plan Your Kids Birthday Party

If you want to make feel special your kids then their birthday is the best option to do this. Organize a birthday party that your kid will remember forever and appreciate the most.
It might be tough to organize this by your own, for this you can take the help of some professionals.

First of all decide where you want to organize this party at your home or some where else.
Now a days, economic climate is becoming increasingly popular and it became very costly to organize a party. But if you plan well then it can end up by saving you a lot of money along with the full enjoyment to the everyone who is the part of the party.

In this article, there are some helpful tips for you while you are going to organize a party. Usually, holding a party is a stressful task but again proper planning can be a stress free process.

1) Four and six weeks before the party date:-

Very first you might have the knowledge of the taste of kids. Discuss with your kids what kind of theme they would like. And also get the idea of the number of guests.

If you are looking for a surprise party then do not discuss anything with your kid.
Most of the kids party planning should be done at this stage. Keep in mind that “A timely effort will prevent more work later”. So, you must have to make some arrangement before the party date.

2) Three weeks before the party date:-

Now its time for the invitations, buy or make them and send them out. Buy the decoration material, party bags and prizes. This all depend upon budget to have decide for the party.

3) Two Weeks before the party:-

Now its time to search the ideas for game and activities which totally depends upon the age of the kid.
You may now also want to make planning for the food in the party. As a celebration you will want to serve all your kids favorite things like chocolate and all.

Confirm the booking you’ve made. So that there should not be any detail in the main time.

4) Two days before the party:-

# Most important do not forget to buy present for the birthday boy/girl.
# check if you already buy the decoration material.
# Prepare the goody bags.
# Grocery shopping, this is the most important pick up all of the necessaries for the food being served, cake and bun ingredients, drinks etc. Do not forget that you may also be having adult guests so ensure that you have the essentials (tea, coffee, wine and beer).

5) In the party day:-

Make sure that you have the contact number of each parents that have drop their child to the party in case of emergency.

In order to entertain the adults you have been invited in the party, you can take ideas from bar mitzvah party ideas

Rest have fun…!!

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Planning the Infamous Holiday Office Party

Ok, so you’re in charge of planning the infamous holiday office party. If you’ve ever seen the TV show “The Office” specifically the show about the office Christmas party you’ve witnessed just how a party that supposed to be fun can go so terribly wrong.

To avoid the horror of being known as the person responsible for planning possibly the worst holiday office party ever let us give you a couple of suggestions that may help you avoid that nightmare.

1. Before you make any decisions about the party talk to your co-workers and get their feedback on what they think would make a great party.

In addition to getting some great ideas from them which can actually make for a great party you can also lay off some of your responsibility (only if the party isn’t a success) by reminding everyone that they helped you plan the whole thing! This tip alone is worth reading this article, right!

2. Consider a theme for your holiday party. Yeah… Yeah it’s the holidays but that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with the traditional holiday theme.

If you do decide on a themed party don’t forget to mention the theme in the holiday party invitations. You don’t want people showing up in formal attire if everyone else is dressing like elves. It could ruin the party for some.
Having a themed party means you’ll have to get creative and come up with some cool design ideas for your venue. You’ll need to do more than just use the traditional holiday decorations for your party room.

Creating a themed corporate holiday party also gives your co-workers an opportunity to participate and get involved by contributing suggestions for a party theme.

3. Consider having the party outside of the office environment. It can be difficult to relax and have a good time if you’re still inside those office prison walls.

4. Think about ways to get everyone to interact, relax and have fun. This is probably one of the most important things you can do to insure the success of a party. Decorations, food and drink are important of course but for a successful party your guests actually also have to enjoy themselves.

You need to come up with some unique ideas for your party by thinking outside the traditional holiday party box!

Of course one obvious way of loosening everybody up and interacting is serving cocktails. But I really think you’ll want to do more than just get everyone drunk.

When your co-workers return to work they probably won’t be talking about how much fun they had getting drunk but they will talk about how much fun they had dancing in the conga line or winning the pin the ornament on the Christmas tree game. Get the idea!

Here’s a couple of simple ideas for activities which may help inspire you to come up with your own ideas for activities that will work for your particular party group.

* Conga line. Who says you can’t dance the conga at a holiday party!
* If the theme for your holiday party is a 1960’s holiday party rent a karaoke machine that just plays tunes from the 60’s.
* Tarot card reader. Everybody loves having his or her fortune told especially with a new year right around the corner. And it gives everybody something to talk about.
* Or take a simple game like pin the tail on the donkey and switch it up and make it pin the ornament on the tree.
* Or find a piñata shaped like a Christmas tree.

Yeah, I know all these are very simple ideas but hopefully they’ll get your own creative juices going.

An important point to remember when planning your party activities is that we’re all just kids at heart and participating in activities with others can really lighten the mood of a party by helping your guests relax.
Use your imagination to come up with some really cool ideas for icebreakers.

My last suggestion for the success of your holiday party is to get started planning early. Give yourself the time you need to plan the best holiday party your office has ever had. Happy Holidays and Good Luck!

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Personalized M&Ms: 5 Wonderful Ideas You Can Use!

M&Ms have such a long and rich history and were created in 1954 and became a source of happiness and joy for all of the American families and kids who ate them. M&Ms are flavorful, colorful, and simply delicious! At one point, you could only find these little goodies in grocery stores and candy stores in the United States. But now they are available all over the world and can be found in more colors than just their original blue, red, green, yellow, brown, and green. And what’s more, they are now available online and can be customized!

Weddings If you are anyone you know is planning to get hitched in the near future, these little treats would make excellent decorations for a guest table, dessert table, and also make wonderful party favors. To make them really personal, you can add the newlywed’s monogram, have them printed in the colors of the wedding, or even have special messages inscribed for quests.

Parties Birthday parties or any occasion parties are another great occasion to utilize personalized m&ms. Again, you can have the m&ms printed to match the color of the party. For example, If you child is having a superman themed party, have the m&ms printed in blue and red and have the S symbol printed on them. Or if your daughter is having her sweet 16, have them printed in shades of pink with the number 16 printed on them. Truly the possibilities are endless.

Anniversaries Whether you have a public or private affair with your spouse, personalized m&ms can do wonders for your anniversary. For a public affair, use them again as party favors and decorations. Put them number of years you’ve been married on the m&ms and have them color match with your decorations or with the years you’ve been married (silver for 25, gold for 50). For a private affair, have a special message of love printed on the candies for your spouse!

Gifts Give the gift that just keeps on giving. M&Ms are the perfect gift to give anyone, especially if you are not sure what the person might like. Have a special message printed, put their picture, and give it to them in their favorite color.

Business If you own your own business, of any kind, M&Ms are a great way to brand your business. You can have them in candy dishes around the office, or give them away to clients. Make sure that they are made in the colors of your business and have your logo, or even contact information printed on them.

Whatever you choose to do with these candies, make sure that its unique and creative, and that they suit you!

Sheila Dollarsby has thrown dozens of birthday parties for her 3 kids and recently used Personalized M&Ms as party favors at her son’s 3rd birthday. The guests loved the Personalized M&Ms , but none loved them more than the kids!

Popular Wedding Reception Locations in Melbourne

Melbourne offers an overwhelming choice of venues for holding your wedding reception. Some offer the opportunity to get married at the venue. The size of the entertainment area you will need will depend on how many guests you are planning to invite. The following reception venues provide options to cater for small or large groups of guests.

If you are planning to get married in the Melbourne area, there are wide a variety of venues to choose from, for holding your reception. Some of these offer a range of settings for both the ceremony and the reception. The number of guests invited, will dictate how large the space required for celebrating on your big day, will need to be.

Melbourne Wedding Receptions

Here are a few of the most popular places, local brides choose for having their wedding receptions in Melbourne. At the following locations, you can opt to combine your wedding and reception.

Leonda by the Yarra

Last year, Leonda by the Yarra won the title of: “Melbourne’s best reception venue.” Here, simple style meets contemporary chic. It offers the most beautiful views of the nearby Yarra River. This is the perfect place for capturing special moments on camera. There are world-class menu options and a private jetty on the banks of the Yarra. A brochure is available via the website which contains all the details, for making arrangements.

Ashton Manor

A favourite wedding and reception location is Ashton Manor. It is known locally as a “leading function venue”. Two function rooms are available, to cater for up to 220 guests. For smaller events, the Windsor Room is equipped for groups of 50 and 90 people. While larger events are held in the grand: Georgian Room.

Ballaria Receptions

At Ballaria Receptions, there is a range of facilities and staff to help make all the arrangements for the big day. This venue specialises in events management. The Ballaria estate promises: unforgettable romance, elegance and sophistication. There are options to cater for groups in sizes of 60 to 100, and 100 to 200 guests.

Waterfront Venues Melbourne

This stylish modern venue can cater for up to 450 guests. There are breathtaking views of Melbourne city skyline to capture here. Waterfront Venues Melbourne is located conveniently near to major linking roads, and is easy to find. There are 3 rooms to choose from, depending on how many guests you have.

Ascot House Receptions – Great Wedding Receptions Melbourne

Ascot House has been associated with wedding traditions for well over a Century. The house is a grand Victorian mansion, with a reputation as a premier venue to uphold. Meticulously maintained garden grounds span 2 acres, providing the perfect backdrop for photographs. There is a stunning Grand Ballroom available for larger celebrations. This space is ideal for groups of up to 200. For more intimate gatherings, the Chandelier Room is a great choice for up to 80 guests.

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Rabbi Yitzhak Miller the Cyber Rabbi

Connecting. Caring. Understanding. Empathizing. Being a mensch. These are the hallmarks of being both a good Rabbi and an effective Rabbi. When Rabbi Yitzhak Miller set out to use 21st century technology to reach both Jews and people interested in Judaism, the greatest challenge was not the webcams or video-

Conferencing; not how to provide Jewish Education classes or guidance for people exploring Conversion to Judaism; not how to provide Bar Mitzvah lessons or Bat Mitzvah

Lessons; not how to be a Rabbi for a wedding or officiate a baby naming ceremony. No, the greatest challenge of being a “CyberRabbi” is how to not only utilize, but to transcend the technology-to truly be “in contact.” The old ad used to say “Reach out and touch someone.” That’s the goal here: to touch hearts, minds, and souls, not only in person, but by phone, webcam, or video conference-and to use every tool available to connect people to each other. Providing services is easy; connecting with people is not. Rabbi Yitzhak Miller’s website contains an array of useful information about Judaism-whether someone is looking for a wedding Rabbi or a Rabbi for a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah; whether they’re having an interfaith wedding or a Jewish wedding; whether they seek Jewish Education or Spiritual

Counseling; whether they want to study Mussar, Jewish Philosophy, Jewish History, or Jewish Theology; whether they have a bris coming up or they’re considering conversion to

Judaism. As he says in his introductory video-there are two things that are more important than any other piece of information on the website-Rabbi Yitzhak Miller’s phone number and

email address – 831-594-YITZ and [email protected]

Why are these the most important? Because whether you’re looking for Bar Mitzvah tutoring or Bat Mitzvah tutoring; ideas for a mitzvah project or a holocaust project; an interfaith Rabbi or a wedding officiant; Torah learning or Basic Judaism-all of these services start with one fundamental thing-a connection. Whether Synagogue Rabbi or

CyberRabbi, connecting with the community is what it’s all about. Rabbi Yitzhak Miller’s work shows that even for a 4000-year-old tradition, the web is a powerful and effective tool, but just that-a tool. Anchoring these tools with the soul of a Rabbi-no matter what the technology-that remains the key. It’s amazing how little changes over the years…

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Get the perfect dress from online shop

Leading fashion designers have launched their latest collections for the current season. The designs vary from bold and sassy to sexy and glamorous. The dress categories include prom dresses, party/girls night-out, cocktail dresses, red carpet/evening gowns, pageant gowns, bridal dresses, bridesmaids dresses, suits, and mother-of-the-bride dresses. Some of the prominent fashion designers to look for this season include Le Femme, Sherri Hill, Jovani, and BG Haute.

Pageant Dresses are the hallmark of Le Femme. It has also added prom dresses in its 2011-2012 collection. The uniqueness of Le Femme Dresses this season includes daring detail and cutting-edge design that bring forth your oomph factor. The Pageant Dresses make you look more sexy and glamorous. The Le femme collection is available in three major categories. This includes prom, homecoming, and pageant. Check the Le Femme section on the website to find a range of halter proms, backless pageant gowns, homecoming dresses, and full ball gowns. The dresses are available in vibrant colors and rich fabrics. Sherri Hill Dresses do not need any introduction. They are the preferred choice of celebrities and beauty contestant all over the world. Sherri Hill’s evening gowns and red Carpet Dresses for this season carry refine overtones with delicate embroideries. As always, Sherri’s dresses again seem to make headlines this season. Some of the best selections from Sherri Hill Dresses are featured on the website. A separate section has been provided on the website to display the dresses.

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Online shop offers the latest dresses and much more. There are separate sections for each brand as well as each category (such as Red Carpet Dresses). For example if your favorite designer brand is Le Femme, you do not have to waste your time searching for Le Femme dresses. Simply click on the Le Femme link available on the website and find all dresses arranged in perfect manner. Dresses are featured on real life models. This makes it easy to judge how the dress will look on you. Click on the dress to view the enlarge view. You can add dresses to the online shopping cart and check out when finally done. Make sure that you give the right shipment address. It is always a good practice to read the terms and conditions to know in how many days your shipment will arrive.

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Planning For Wedding Venues

It is rightly said that, “Weddings are made in heaven but celebrated on Earth”. A wedding is the most memorable event of person’s life so everybody tries to make the day as unique as possible. That special day will be adorned in their memories & photographs for the rest of their lives. Always look for a ‘wow’ destination while planning for the Wedding Avenues. It is one which helps you to stand out from the rest and really impress your guests. This is your special day, hence be sure the wedding venue that you select has to have incredible impact on your guests.

Although all arrangements for the wedding play an important role for making the event successful but the importance of venues is greater as compared to all other arrangements. The wedding venue that a couple selects is one of the most important places they will be ever together. Venue is a place specifically designed to conduct wedding ceremonies. A venue has all the required facilities and provides ample space to accommodate a large gathering of people effectively.

If you want this day to be unique & special for you, then plan to seek out one of the exclusive wedding venues that perfectly suit to your needs. There are a lot of facilities available in most areas. While selecting from the range of wedding venues, there are few points to be taken care of before getting into the process of planning your very special day. To plan that the location is right for the couple and for the type of nuptials that you plan, put plenty of thought in your choice and make sure that you chose the location wisely. The following points should be well considered while choosing for the unique Wedding Venues:-

* Budget:
First & foremost, the wedding avenue should be selected keeping in view the budget. You want the best value for your money therefore, chose the one which your pocket allows.
* Built on Reputation
Make a point to ask for references. You need to gather maximum information from your acquaintances like friends/ relatives. You should try to know about their experience/perception and unique characteristic about the facility.
* Amazing Facility
Make sure about extravagant points & state of the art facilities being provided there. Which features or decor options are available so as to make this location photogenic & presentable?
* Excellent Services
Great quality services are mandatory so that every person that interacts with you & your guests are knowledgeable, friendly and skilled.

New Jersey is a state of contrasts; from the admiring beaches of southern Shore to the Statue of Liberty of the New Jersey Gateway. All the above facilities are possible for most of the reception halls, catering halls and Wedding venues in New Jersey. All these locations are unique, coupled with their own theme and specialties. In the end, the wedding couple should evaluate variety of Wedding venues in NJ based on their desires, budget, types of food served, ambience, elegance, décor, music, floral arrangements and accessibility for the invitees.

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Photo booths – For the Great Day

If you are searching for a photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California, look no further than Creative Event Services. Our planning professionals can cover all of your event needs. They are established and experienced, with state of the art equipment. Excited to bring you the latest trends in the industry, their photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California will make your event special and very memorable. For private or corporate events, our reasonable and affordable prices for photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California will be above and beyond your expectations.

For any party or event, photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California will bring an effortlessly accessible photo booth for guests to make use of and produce enjoyable, memorable pictures. Imagine 10 old buddies, all crowding together in a booth for a photo chance. Photographs supply a ideal party favor. By utilizing photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California, you obtain specialists who’re devoted to meeting the customer’s requirements initial. Weddings, communions, and graduations are all events exactly where photographs are extremely essential. A photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California will give your guests high resolution prints inside 30 seconds.

The holidays are directly around the corner. Photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California adds just the right festive touch at any holiday party or family get together. Food is a vital part of your celebration this time of the year. Create Event Services can serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner, for sit downs, buffets, or stations. Each individual involved in your gathering will gain instant keepsake photos. Photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California provide great fun, energy, and a physical timepiece of a wonderful life event. Please call and book prior to your event to provide ample time for planning. Many unique event ideas can be utilized around photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California.

Your day is of the utmost priority, and Inventive Event Services acknowledges that. They deliver incredible levels of top quality and service. Photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California hold 1 to ten folks. Instant photographs offer added entertainment in the course of your gathering. Within 30 seconds, a high resolution print of a second in time will likely be forever recorded. Be one of the 1st to use photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California at your celebration.

Whether or not you see your guests daily or each and every once in awhile, a photograph from a photo booth rental in Thousand Oaks, California should go straight to your memorial album.

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Entertainment for Wedding Receptions

Wedding receptions are a wonderful part of our lives. They allow us to come together to meet friends and celebrate new beginnings with their families. Wedding receptions are also important parts of wedding planning because they usually involve serving a meal to the guests and providing them with some form of entertainment.

Wedding receptions and wedding entertainment are expensive affairs and can set you back a pretty penny. However, most brides have their heart set on an all out wedding reception.

Wedding receptions are a once in a lifetime event a chance to celebrate the joining together of two lives and two families. They are an opportunity to reflect on all those that have had an influence in the lives of the Bride and Groom.

Wedding receptions are decorated with balloons to create loving, cherished and lasting memories for the bride and groom. Balloon decoration will accent the head table, dance floor, cake table and other important areas throughout the venue. This will create the perfect backdrop for the wedding reception entertainment.

Wedding receptions are filled with all of the magical touches that gladden the heart. Every special event is different but Wedding Receptions are almost universally more than just time for dancing and fun. It is a time to acknowledge special family, friends and relationships.

Music and entertainment at a wedding can be something easily not given enough attention. But just as the flowers, dress, and location are crucial to setting the tone. Music and entertainment also means a performance either by musicians and singers, solo or a group. A pianist playing your favourite music while the guests enjoy the delectable food can be very soothing.

Remember, if a guest gets a bad meal or a watered down drink, they will be the only one who knows. If a DJ or band plays the wrong tunes or if a singer during your ceremony performs badly, everyone knows.

Choosing a wedding reception venue can be a daunting procedure, as popular venues tend to get booked up quickly. In fact it is not uncommon to find that a couple feel pressured into selecting any available time slot and not really getting the wedding reception that they first envisaged.

Remember that the places you choose to visit have most likely hosted many wedding receptions before yours, and they present suggestions that you havent thought about. It is perfectly okay to not have all the answers immediately, and many reception sites will gladly let you take their information so you can spend time considering what they have to offer.

If you are going to spend some time after the ceremony having photographs taken, allow for this in your schedule and make sure your guests will be comfortable at the reception venue while they wait for you to arrive. Remember if you decide to hire a hall instead that it is licensed to serve alcohol.

The hall may not have facilities to prepare or cook food, ensure your caterer visits the venue and has a plan of action if such is the case.

Book Wedding Reception Entertainment