Because Halloween And Retro Sweets Are For Everyone

Although there’s no rule about Halloween that says it’s strictly for kids, it still probably won’t matter much if not for them. When they go trick or treating, you just can’t deny the joy on their faces each time they receive their bag of candies, especially traditional sweets that  have wowed children from generation to generation.  Even parents who were once candy fools themselves would just love the nostalgia that of those retro goodies if and when the candies make it home (which they say is quite rare but still happens.)  In general, what’s great about this occasion is it always provides families with  ghoulishly exciting reasons to spend time together, whether shopping for the kids’ scary costumes,  doing photo ops just before they set out trick-or-treating, or while parents waited in their car as the children went house- to-house.

Indeed, the tradition of all things spooky happening on this night has found itself to be way more than that. But there was actually a time when parents nearly nearly never allowed their children to go out on this night. There were all sorts of stories about kids being given candies that made them ill or even freakish creatures such as a headless horse rider accompanying them while trick-or-treating without their knowing. It came to a point when people just almost stopped celebrating this night and if they did, it was something that happened within the confines of the family home.  Fortunately, those days are over and people are actually just enjoying Halloween for all the fun and scares which, of course, are always highlighted by candies, especially the retro sweet varieties which never fail to put a smile on everyone’s faces, kids and nostalgic folks alike.

Now, even more and more homes have opened themselves out to this tradition.  There probably isn’t one that hasn’t, especially families with children who just never could contain their excitement this time of year.  Sometimes, it almost feels ridiculous that people are making a fuss of things that are available whole year round such as candies and costumes that could be sewn up anytime.  Even the beliefs and principles involved in the holiday’s long and colorful history don’t even hold water now.  So why do we even bother? Why does the thought of those candies, whether modern or old-fashioned sweets, still always feel warm to most families?

It’s really all still about having a reason to spend time together.  Singles may celebrate this holiday parting till dawn  but busy parents will always appreciate this time when they are able to bond with their kids.  Besides,  Halloween memories are always unbeatable.  One day, these kids are going to look back and be happy that they’ve had the chance to experience those ghoulish joys.  Trick-or-treating is also said to be a very good way of fostering neighborhood solidarity.

Besides, Halloween is also a perfect excuse for adults who simply would like to be kids again or simply get teary-eyed with the memories o those fizzy Cola Bottles , Rhubarbs and Custards,  Wine Gums, Black Jacks, Jelly Babies, Bon Bons and all the other halloween sweets which are still all of the same goodness decades later since they first made them.

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