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Basic Photography Tips

If you want to learn about basis photography then read this article all the way to the end. Specifically, we’ll discuss which camera do I buy or what name brand is the most ask question. Getting the picture is the most important job in photography. and which is better film or digital camera. After you get done you will be able to choose the right camera for you.

Which camera you buy or what name brand is vital in photography. Because basis photography couldn’t even survive without the right camera The best camera to buy is the one you feel comfortable with. You don’t want a camera that is hard to operate. Pick the camera that is easy to understand and use,that will make photography enjoyable.

Because basis photography needs to get the picture is the most important job in photography. Have you seen picture that the subject is a litter speck. You want your subject to stand out where people will know what you pictures is all about. One of the best way to make your subject to stand out is call framing. This will put the focus on your subject and make a better picture. Both Have you seen picture that the subject is a litter speck. You want your subject to stand out where people will know what you pictures is all about. and one of the best way to make your subject to stand out is call framing. This will put the focus on your subject and make a better picture. Which is why Which is better film or digital camera is vital to basis photography .

Which is better film or digital camera is a huge part of getting basis photography When I start out I used film, that was the best then. Now digital has come a long way and the digital cameras now take good quality pictures. Using digital in photography will help in putting picture on the internet much easier.

Conclusion: Basic photography is possible to understand, and you should always keep an eye out for a good camera to buy. Getting the picture is the most important job in photography. So now get out there and start in choosing the right camera for you and make your subject stand out will produce better pictures..

Thomas Grimes is new to writing articles. He does research and try to write in a way that anybody can understand. So check it out now

Street Photography

Street photography generally refers to photographs taken from the public places like streets, parks, beaches, malls, political conventions and other same places. In one sense it can be thought of as a branch of  documentary photography but unlike traditional documentary its chief aim to document a particular subject, but rather to create photographs which strongly demonstrate the photographer’s vision of the world. Good street photography often ends up being good documentary photography without really trying, especially after the passage of a few years, but unlike documentary it seldom has an explicit social agenda.

Street photography, like most other branches of photography, has involved both aesthetic and technological innovations, and often the introduction of new technology has had a profound impact on the prevailing aesthetic. The introduction of small, fast, high-quality digital cameras in recent years has already begun to affect the aesthetic paradigm and seems to have been responsible for an explosion of image-making arena.

Street photography has never been a particularly commercial branch of photography and yet it holds an abiding fascination for photographers and audiences alike, not least because the visual drama of ‘the street’, however defined, provides a subject which is capable of being continually revisited and reinterpreted. Street photography has not been used in commercial way means noone indulged himself into any trade of such photographs, these are leisure time hobby sort of photography.

Street photography is, what all photography is, a snap shot. What shines through is the vision of the  photographer about the scene, what they see in the situation, their reaction to the situation in the society, the art they see in the every day. Street photography is one of the most difficult types of photography to practice. Not only does it require a certain special technical settings to capture the great visuals, but to be successful it also requires behaviors and strategies for any amount of success.

The best thing about street photography is that it is possible for the final viewer of a print to see more than the original photographer. One of the great things about a city is that more things are happening, even within a small surroundings, at any moment than any human can comprehend. Photography allows us to freeze one of those moments and study all of the small dramas that were taking place.

The purpose of street photography will again vary from one street photographer to another. Some photographers are interested in simply and honestly documenting life as they see it. Some want to make artistic photographs of available street scenes and others basically enjoy taking pictures and do it purely for the pleasure of it.

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Photography Career Outlook

Skills Required
A natural inclination towards art and never-ceasing creativity is a high bonus for the working photographer. Having these qualities propels one to increase in experience and jump ranks. Also, the task of dealing with a lot of different people falls in the category of flexibility, therefore acquiring these talents is also a priority. An above average technical know-how of your genre (whether it be Portrait or Nature Photography) is highly prized and expertise in more than one genre is always a good asset to have. A business mind-set as a photographer, apart from the artistic perception, is also an important career building block.

Naturally, photographers who work full time or at least have steady salary, tend to earn more than the self employed photographer. Freelance photography can be very hard to sustain financially, as it cuts holes in one’s pockets due to upkeep (maintenance and repair). There are a few freelance photographers successful enough to do this but it takes more patience to generate enough profit from the work. Intense planning is needed before thinking about buying expensive cameras and other equipment. The average salary for the photographer is estimated around $ 27,000 every year, with as high as $ 50,000 dollar earnings and as low as $ 15,000.

Working Hours
Obviously, the self employed gains the upper hand with this one. The salaried photographer tends to work irregular hours depending on company projects. Long working nights tend to be random and one must get used to this kind of work ethic. The 40 hour a week estimate is the average 5 day breakdown (depending on the nature and genre of the project). This also tends to vary with different companies so nothing is set in stone.

The principle of photography, or the concept and study of it, goes back at least 2500 years. When the first permanent photo was produced in the early 19th century, the world was changed and it catapulted the evolution of human imagination to great heights and branched into multiple forms and ideas, propelling public exposure of entertainment and education onto the greater mainstream. Nowadays, photography has reached a climax wherein it has evolved into a career building opportunity for people who like to observe and capture moments, either professionally or artistically. It is always a good idea to ask other photographers about their careers and ask advice for a better photographer career outlook.

My name is Allan and I love arts and I conventionally advise quality sites for students who want the best for their career as photographers. When they ask me a good place where they can find good art and photography schools in USA, I forewarn them that the best action to take is to look for reference sites instead of visiting art schools and colleges one by one. You can find on Google good references, like and many others.

Underwater Photography

One of the highlights of scuba diving is appreciating how amazing and colorful life is underwater. It is so breathtaking and different that it is often difficult to explain to a non-scuba diver just how pretty it is. The only way people who don’t dive can understand the marvels of underwater marine life, the coral reef and the impressive array of colors is to look at underwater photography.

Most divers get their first taste of underwater photography during their Advanced Open Water diving certification, when it is offered as one of the specialties. It is at this point when they realize and begin to understand the complexities of snapping photos underwater.

Underwater photography is one of the most complicated and challenging forms of photography. Expensive, specialized equipment and well-honed techniques are needed. The major problem with taking photos underwater is the loss of color and contrast when at significant depths. Some colors, particularly red and orange, are the first to be lost underwater, because of their longer wavelengths, so everything appears blue-green. It is also very difficult to photograph things that are a certain distance away from you. To counteract these problems, dive photographers always take photos from as close up as possible, and use very wide-angle lenses.

To be a good underwater photographer, you usually have to be quite a proficient scuba diver, and have your buoyancy under control (a skill which comes with diving practice). Snorkelers can also take photos underwater, but they are limited in depth and also how long they can spend underwater.

Digital cameras are preferred for underwater photography, and many waterproof housing cases can now be purchased and fitted to your everyday land camera. To compensate for the fact that many normal cameras do not have wide enough lenses, some of these casings are complete with a dome shape in front of the lens to act as a wide-angle lens.

To compensate for the lack of light and consequent lack of colors, divers can use flash or strobe technology, but it is complicated. Usually, artificial light is combined with natural sunlight to preserve colors, but in the case of wreck, or cave diving, this is not possible and flash or strobe is used alone.

Another point to bear in mind is that people naturally hold their breath when taking photos. Underwater, holding your breath can be a deadly mistake, so photographers should consciously breathe throughout the photo-taking process.

Victoria Bourbon

Portrait Photography Success

Creating photography portraits can be a rewarding experience. It is however it is a skill like so many others in which practice makes – if not perfection, at least close to perfection. Learning from the experience of others is another key to the path to portrait perfection. This article offers several suggestions that photographers can follow to perfect their craft.

1. Before the shoot, give the clients a checklist they can follow to prepare for the shoot. Included items would be what kind of clothing and makeup to wear and what to do with glasses during the shoot.

2. Encourage your subjects to have good posture. This can be done by placing lightly touching your client’s lower back with two fingers with one hand while you touch them on the front of the shoulders with the other hand. Doing this while you say “good posture please” will almost always improve your client’s posture.

3. Be aware of the size of your subject’s heads and hands. These are usually the parts of the body which draw the most attention. If the hands are too close to the face with the full palm or back of the hand showing, it can overpower the face.

4. Often, when a photographer is photographing infants, the mother will want her portrait taken with the infant. Remember this mother just gave birth. Her mid section may not be the most flattering. Try and get more of the mother’s face in these shots.

5. When photographing newborns, allow more time than what is required to photograph an adult. Newborns eat, sleep and play when they want. They do not follow instructions well. As a result a photographer needs to have more patience (and time) than he does when photographing adults.

6. When photographing couples kissing ask them not to pucker up. While puckering up may look perfectly natural when seen in real time, it looks unnatural when frozen in time.

7. Ask your clients to bring props which will help personalize the shot. While it may be fun for the photographer to direct the shot as he sees fit, it is the client who is paying the bills. Make sure his/her personality is manifested in the results.

Portrait photography can be a rewarding. It can also be challenging. Following above suggestions will help ensure that there are more rewards than challenges.

Vanessa and Stephen shoot portrait, senior, engagement, pet, wedding, and family photography session. They shoot most often in the OC, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County.

Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit Sponsors Mitzvah Month: 1800 hours of Volunteerism

The Jewish Federation, along with the Jewish Community Relations Council, has implemented an annual Mitzvah Day on December 25th for the past 10+ years.  This year December 25th falls on a Saturday, the Jewish Shabbat, which allowed us an opportunity to create other ways for people to volunteer their time.

Our answer?  Mitzvah Month!



What is Mitzvah Month, you ask? 31 days of volunteering, with a challenge to our community to collectively share 1800 hours of their time with others!  Please invite everyone to be a part of Mitzvah Month.

We are very excited to share that the Mitzvah Month website is up  Visitors to the site can:

Join in group activities that have already been planned.
Create their own giving opportunity by choosing a place where they are needed and taking the time to help out.
Log in their hours.
Donate to the Annual Campaign (as an option for those who don’t volunteer or in addition to volunteering).

When you are done volunteering, come back and log your hours. Not enough time to volunteer?  Choose to help others through your gift of tzedakah.


Q: What happened to Mitzvah Day?

A: The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, along with the Jewish Community Relations Council, has implemented an annual Mitzvah Day on December 25th for the past 10+ years.  This year December 25th falls on a Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, which allowed us an opportunity to create other ways for people to volunteer their time.

Q:What types of volunteer activities can I participate in?A:Planned Activities:  Join others in group activities that have already been planned.  Look at the list of activities, click on the link or make a call, and register to help out!

Choose Your Own Activity: Create your own giving opportunity…Choose a place where you are needed and take the time to help out!  Have a favorite place to volunteer?  GREAT!

Looking for places to help?  Use the Mitzvah Month links to learn about places in the community that need your help.

Q: Why are we logging our hours?

A: Because everyone loves a challenge!  Logged hours will help show the spirit and committment of the Detroit Jewish community.

We hope you can join us! Tikkun olam!

The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit is the non-profit fundraising arm and communal planning organization working to answer the health, welfare, educational, cultural and spiritual needs of the Jewish Community. More at

Why You Need a Toastmaster

A Master of Ceremonies (MC) or toastmaster usually presents performers, speaks to the guests and generally keeps an event moving. They take the worry and strain away from the hosts so that the families and guests can relax and enjoy themselves.

Here’s what they do:

They greet the bride and groom on their arrival to the wedding reception. Direct guests to all the facilities available at the wedding venue. Assist the photographer and the videographer in gathering members of the bridal party for family portraits. When all the guests are seated they will announce the entrance of the bride and groom.

After the meal they will introduce grace, sheva braches and the cutting of the cake. They will announce the speeches ensuring that the photographer and videographer are ready to capture the action.

And they will wind the function down gracefully at the end of the evening. As a photographer I have attended many functions with and without a toastmaster. Those without are often shambolic with guests often taking 30 minutes to go in for dinner, planned timings for the event going out of the window leaving no time for dancing at the end, and speeches announced without some members of the wedding party even being in the room. Some families are reluctant to hire a toastmaster because they don’t want all the pomp and ceremony of a man in a red jacket. Remember that the toast master can wear black tails, a dinner suit or whatever you think will blend in at your function. Also there are lady MC’s who cast their own charm and glamour on proceedings.

A master of ceremonies can make or break a wedding reception. They each have different personalities and styles, so take the opportunity to meet them and see if their manner fits in with your event.

Hayley Lehmann a Licentiate of BIPP since 2001, a Professional Wedding Photographer and Bar Mitzvah Photography.

Choosing a Wedding Dress for Your Wedding Ceremony

Before you even begin to look around, do some research. Looking through bridal magazines is useful to find the designers and styles you like, but the only way you will really know if a dress suits you is by trying it on. Whether you are considering off the peg, altered to fit, made to measure or a couture dress, it’s essential to get professional advice on what styles suit your figure, budget and type of wedding.

Wedding dresses vary considerably in price from 150 to 15,000 and also in terms of what you get for your money. From the quality & shade of the fabric, to the style & tailoring of the bridal gown, your dress will contribute to the glamour preserved in your pictures. The end result is that you look and feel a million dollars in our photos.

Wedding dresses are made in several different silhouettes. Before considering anything else, know which type of gown will flatter your figure the best.

Ball gowns have very full skirts and generally will look beautiful on any body type, unless the bride is very short and small. In this case, it may be overwhelming to her small frame. Ball gowns generally either have crinolines built in or a slip you must wear to support the shape of the gown. Be advised that this extra fabric can be heavy and bulky and will require extra care to wear.

A-lines usually have a fitted bodice with a skirt that flares gently from the waist to form an “A” shape. They generally work for everyone as well, and are a terrific choice for someone who would like to hide lower body flaws, but does not want a ball gown. A-lines are not as full as ball gowns.

Sheaths flatter women with slim, balanced figures. They shouldn’t be worn by brides who dislike their figures. This gown will not hide any flaws. If you think your thighs or butt are too big, you’ll be miserable in this type of dress. Don’t try to pull it off because you found a gown you love in this style. You don’t want to risk being uncomfortable or self conscious on your wedding day, or regretting your choice every time you look at wedding photos. Picture yourself on your wedding day. What are you wearing? What silhouette is your gown? What fabric? Is it embroidered or beaded? What color is it? But keep an open mind as the one you choose will probably surprise you and not quite be what you originally had in your head.

A wide variety of factors can affect what makes a particular dress appropriate to the occasion. Formal ceremonies usually call for floor length gowns and long trains, while informal ceremonies (especially destination weddings) are a terrific place to wear a shorter gown without a train at all (or a “sweep” train, which just barely brushes the floor). Another example: in some cases, strapless gowns are considered inappropriate for very formal ceremonies. If you’re getting married in the winter, you may not want to be a very light, thin fabric unless you plan to be inside the entire time. If you’re having a beach wedding in the middle of July, you may not want to wear a heavy fabric like duchess satin.

While the most traditional ceremonies will call for a white gown, in many cases, wedding dresses don’t have to be pure white anymore! Many women choose dress colors that best complement their skin tones, ranging from diamond white to ivory to champagne to actual colors (pink, blue, red). Pick the color you feel most beautiful in.

When deciding on your budget, you don’t need to set a very specific price. Just make it a general range as you can always break this rule later if you’re able to and really want to. Just be sure to remember that “attire” includes not just the gown itself, but the other stuff: veil, shoes, slip, jewelry, gloves, etc. All of these things are optional, of course (except for the slip, which is usually necessary to keep the dress from going between your legs when you walk). But you’ll have to just remember that in the end, it’s your wedding, and you CAN do what you want. However, if you have a religious ceremony, you may need to wear a little jacket or wrap to stop the Rabbi frowning.

When you actually go to wedding gown store they will often not have the dress in your size. You may need to make a decision based on a dress which is too large or too small. All wedding dress stores have seamstresses who can alter a dress to fit you, but save some stress by telling a little white lie and giving them the date of your wedding one month earlier than it actually is!.

Many of our clients visit designer boutiques such as Suzanne Neville, Johanna Hehir, and Castigliano. For mother of the bride try Eric Way in Crawford Street.

Hayley Lehmann a Licentiate of BIPP since 2001, a Professional Wedding Photographer and Bar Mitzvah Photography.

Hannah & Grant’s Wedding

The Marriott Hotel Regents Park, otherwise known as the Marriott Swiss Cottage, was the venue for the fantastic wedding of Hannah & Grant.

I had worked with Grant’s family many years before when I covered his brother’s Barmitzvah, and Grant mentioned to me how he and Hannah would love me to cover their son’s Barmitzvah one day if they are lucky enough to have a son. How lovely is that? Now I really feel part of the family.
The weather was just perfect, and one of the highlights of the day was the few quiet moments we had going around St John’s Wood after the ceremony to take some outdoor photos. St John’s Wood is where I grew up, so we started off with the location that was the view from my childhood bedroom window; the Abbey Road Zebra Crossing, made infamous by the Beetles in 1969. Hannah & Grant crossed the Zebra crossing (with their shoes on) to the delight of all the tourists who had gathered there.
Thereafter we went to Violet Hill where there is a beautiful, intimate, little park. The sun was setting behind the trees and the sky was all different shades of gold which made a wonderful backdrop for some romantic shots.

But probably the highlight of my day were the shots that we took outside the public lavatories in the park. Strange though this might seem, the Ladies and Gentlemen signs had just become illuminated and it tickled my sense of humour to use these signs together with Hannah and Grant for some of my more Vogue posing. They saw the funny side too, and I warned them that I didn’t want to be asked to Photoshop out the toilet signs later on for their album. They looked at the images on the back of my camera and promised me that they would stay as they were.

Later on in the day, Grant made a wonderful speech which even brought tears to my eyes. He talked about Hannah his wife and how he was the luckiest boy alive to have a wife who wears a nurses uniform most days of the week. They are a beautiful couple inside and out. If I could bottle and sell all the love that they have for one another, I would be a very rich lady indeed!

Hayley Lehmann a Licentiate of BIPP since 2001, a Professional Wedding Photographer and Bar Mitzvah Photography.


Photography means portraying a moment with pictures. Pictures which are cherished, preserved and passed on to the next generation in the hope that they will live every moment with the same intensity as the previous generations had. Photography means life in suspended animation and in videography one flows with the pictures in the mesmerizing world of the bygones. Orlando photographer’s photography services were set up in 1996. They provide wedding photography, social photography, Bar Mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen, quinceanera , family portraits and corporate events. They uniquely combine photo journalistic and traditional photography to create a magic and paint every event special.

Orlando photographers are highly-trained, well-schooled and absolutely professional in their job. These masters capture every passing moment, every fleeting emotion, every essence of life with highly advanced photographic instruments.

Wedding photography is a tricky affair. The photographers need to sail through the guests without disturbing the function .Their aim is to capture every candid moment without attracting much attention of the bride and the groom .They never should be too conscious of themselves .Orlando photography portrays both traditional and contemporary moments because photographs are the only tangible portraits for the generation next.

Family portraits and kid’s photographs are a very emotional treasure for every parents. Inputs from parents are essential as to how they want to remember their children. But capturing the kids in their real exuberance, smiling, chirping without any hindrance to their natural flow is the real challenge and Orlando photographers do that with proficiency.

The photographs are transformed into digital prints and collages and in the process an actual book is created to display memories with the help of direct digital press technology. The designers meticulously designed layouts using amazing backgrounds and special effects. The designer keeps in mind the client’s personality, style and imagination. Customers can choose from different kind of albums like White Glove, Artistic Imagination ,Cypress Album, Publisher Album, Reversible Albums 800 , Flush Albums 300.They provide with other products and services like enlargements ,framing, metal murals, canvas wrap , custom bags, postage, attire , folios, thank you cards and postcards, thank you CD albums. The photography services also come in different packages like Bronze Intimate service, Premium service, Deluxe and State-of-Art packages.

It is said photographs freeze the moments and videography retells everything. One can hear every image talk, laugh and cry. Nothing but the best professionals can take care of such important events. A Magic Moment Orlando photographer uses the finest broadcasting quality equipment’s,completely wireless and portable and low-light cameras. Each camera is equipped with a photographer to provide the best possible coverage and is left to chance. Their professional editing team chooses the best footage and weaves a magical coherent portrait of the special moments. There are three different editing styles and the clients’ views are respected. The mission of Orlando photography is to tell the story of the special day with all its colors, sound and essence.

Orlando photographer Our highly talented wedding photographers can capture your best and most memorable moment of the day.A group of professional photographers having talented skills and huge experience for making any event memorable.