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Awesome Pool Party Ideas

If you have a pool, chances are you have lots of pool party ideas already, because people love hanging out at your place whether you are having a planned party or not. Planning a party around the pool is always an instant hit. The pool is an attraction and can be either used or simply as a backdrop to a more refined party. For example, a “wine and cheese” patio party is very nice, with dim outdoor lighting accentuated by the pool lighting. On the other end of the spectrum is the down and rowdy pool party, where everyone’s splashing and having a great time. That’s the kind this article focuses on.


You can have a pool party wherever the pool is! If you have one in your backyard, great! If not, a community or public pool can be used. Sometimes, community and public pools will even allow you to rent them out for parties, but if they don’t, you’ll just have to share the pool with whoever else is there.


Shindigz has a cute pool party invitation that looks like a flip flop. You can also write the details on an inflated beach ball and then deflate it to mail or give to the invitee. Use phrases like “Make a Splash With Us!” and be sure to explicitly say to bring or wear a swimsuit.


Pool party decorations should be wildly colorful. Lots of primary colors – balloons can be tied to the pool fence (or around the yard), streamers can be put on the patio or even in the kitchen. Beach balls could be tossed around. The pool should have plenty of floatable toys, rafts, noodles, etc. in it. Be sure to put out all of your lawn chairs and lounges and give them a festive look by putting colorful towels over them. Other fun things – use a beach shovel (clean!) to scoop ice for drinks and use (clean!) pails or frisbees to serve fruits and veggies. Use tiki torches or paper lanterns for light (if your party is at night).


Well…. if you are swimming, major costumes are not recommended! Swim suits are the pool party costume of the day!


Favors for a pool party could be sun screen (or zinc oxide!), beach balls, flip flops, sunglasses, snorkel and mask, or a beach towel.


Since everyone will be swimming, you want to keep the food lighter. Salads and snack foods will be best. If the food will be outside, avoid anything with dairy or mayo. Here are a couple of “cool” ideas: jello, popcicles, finger sandwiches, fruit smoothies, fresh veggies, watermelon, hot dogs…. You get the idea – really easy!


Here are a few pool party ideas for cakes: A sheet cake with a pool in blue icing and little outdoor loungers or figures lying on icing beach towels. Or a round cake decorated to look like a fristbee, a beach ball, or an inner tube (maybe even a bundt cake!). A cake decorated to look like a beach towel or a flip flop.


Ok, is there anyone on earth who has never played Marco Polo? It’s a little like a water-based hide and seek. One person keeps their eyes closed and calls out “Marco” and then everyone else calls out Polo, and the person with their eyes closed tries to find and tag anyone calling out Polo. That person then becomes “it” and calls out Marco. You can also toss play gold coins and dive for them (if the water is deep enough) or have swim races. Last but not least, just plain playing and splashing is always a hit!

You can also have activities out of the pool like dancing, the limbo, “hot” potato (with a water filled balloon), water gun fights, and other similar games.

A pool party is such a blast! When you have yours, get wet, get wild, and above all, have fun!

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Top Arabian Party Theme Ideas

To throw and Arabian party theme or an Arabian nights party, your aim is to try and create an air of mysticism surrounding princes, princess, kings, queens and thieves.

You need to try and create an aura of the Moroccan desert at night. So definitely throw your party in the late evening and also at the beach would be a great idea. If not, then your back garden should suffice.

I highly suggest you try and rent out a Bedouin tent. They come in all shapes and sizes and will help make your party one to remember. This of course will be dependent on your budget, however for this party theme to work properly and be memorable you really should be thinking about hiring a tent.

For your costume, you could go for an Aladdin or princess Jasmine look. Such a costume is easy to make or rent. Think turbans, pointy slippers, slinky harem pants and gold bracelets.

If you have gone for the tent, most of your furniture needs to be as low down as possible, your guests will preferably be sitting on the floor. So get plenty of nice rugs and cushions. Get some patio lanterns and candles to light your tent and hang crescent moons and stars from the ceiling.

Budget dependent, consider hiring a henna artist, belly dancer, snake charmer, fortune teller or fire eater. Also if you have access to a goat, tie it up to a post outside your tent. Watch it doesn’t chew away on the canvas.

Look into making some traditional middle eastern dishes for the food. Ideally, your party should be sitting on the floor on the cushions and rugs you have provided. Also, the food should be kept on platters on the floor, just let everybody dive in.

For true authenticity, it is traditional for guests to bathe their fingers in scented water before eating. Just put a few drops essential oil in water for this.

I hope you have taken some interesting ideas as well as inspiration from these Arabian Party Theme ideas. We have many more Arabian Party Theme suggestions for you to help you put on the very best Arabian theme party ever that your guests and yourself will always remember.

Great Party Food Ideas

If you are going to host a party, you’ve got to give your guests great foods to keep them happy. If you don’t know what to make to satisfy the crowd, don’t worry. We’ve got all of the party food ideas you need right here. The following list will get your party started.

Mini quesadilla bites – Quesadillas are quick and easy to make. All you need is tortillas, cheese and chicken. Cook some chicken breast strips to your liking and then cut the chicken into small pieces. Take two tortillas, with one on top of the other, and load it with chicken and cheese. Bake the quesadillas in the oven to melt the cheese and crisp the tortillas. Once the quesadillas are done just cut it up into bite-sized pieces to serve. You can also stick them with tooth picks for easy eating.

Pizza bites – Pizza bites are prepared in pretty much the same way as quesadillas. First, you need to make a pizza. You can find a recipe and make pizza from scratch or you can just buy a frozen pizza from the grocery store. Once you’ve cooked the pizza, just cut it into pieces and stick the pieces with tooth picks so it can be eaten without making a mess.

Mini burgers – Mini burgers are another great idea that is simple to make. If you can make normal burgers then you can make mini burgers. You just need to make smaller patties and find mini buns or cut buns to fit your smaller patties. This makes a classic meal more of a finger food that can be easily enjoyed at a party.

Boneless hot wings – Boneless hot wings are usually a party favorite. However, they do take a little more effort to make than some of the other party foods. To make them, just fry chicken breast strips to a golden brown. For the hot wing sauce, you can either purchase pre-made sauce or you can find a recipe for home-made wing sauce. Dip the chicken strips into the sauce and you’ve got boneless hot wings. Serve them on tooth picks so they can be eaten without getting sauce on your guests’ hands.

A great party starts with great food. These ideas should help make your party a success. If these ideas aren’t enough and you would like to find more great party food ideas, visit this recipe website and find the foods you need to rock the house.

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Ideas For Anniversary Party

Here are some unique and creative ideas for an anniversary party that are sure to elicit joy and appreciation from the guests of honor as well as the party guests!


· Include the couple’s wedding picture on the front of the invitation. If it isn’t available, any picture from the early days of their relationship or marriage will work beautifully.

· Ask each guest to come prepared to share a favorite memory of time spent with the guests of honor.


· Keep it simple, but elegant. Sticking with a color theme helps pull a ‘finished’ look together. Of course, a silver theme is for 25th anniversary and gold for a 50th anniversary are the standard.

· A banner on the front door such as “Happy 25th Paul and Lisa” is a lovely and welcoming touch to the couple and the guests.


Whether you decide to have a sit-down dinner, just appetizers or just dessert – plan an activity to honor the couple. Having each guest briefly share a favorite memory of the couple will be very meaningful. Be sure to assign someone to bring a video camera to record all of the comments.

Gifts to Give:

· Gift certificates in the same denomination as the couple’s years together. For example, a $ 25 gift certificate to the movies, a $ 50 gift certificate to a restaurant, etc.

· A gift that is comprised of the same ‘amount ‘ as the couple’s married years together. For example, 25 lottery tickets, a 50 minute couples’ massage, a beautiful flower bouquet of 25 flowers, etc.

As the Party Ends:

· If gifts were opened at the party, provide the couple with a list that notes each gift and next to the gift the person(s) that gave it.

· Give the couple a list of who attended so that if they want to follow-up with a thank-you to those guests they can easily do so.

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Deb Rosenberg is a party planner and recommends these terrific anniversary favors.

8 Pool Theme Party Ideas

If you’re thinking about throwing a pool theme party then you ought to take a peep at the subsequent ideas and tips in order to provide you with inspiration.

1. Make a decision early on if you’re going to have any sub-theme. Perhaps the Little Mermaid, pirates, surfing or it could maybe even be themed round the seaside. Whichever you go for, make you are consistent with your theme and you do not combine it in with any others.

2. You do not have to possess a pool to throw a pool theme party. Do any of your mates own a pool that you could utilize? If not then mull over the local sports centre! Depending on whether the pool is in or out doors, you could tailor your social gathering fittingly.

3. Bear in mind health and safety! Depending on the extent of your gathering, i strongly suggest you think about appointing a life guard! You might approach one at the local sports centre and offer to employ him on a private basis for very cheap.

4. As with all parties, invites are very essential and can get your friends in the mood early on! Go for a cut out of flip flops, sea shells, dolphins, sharks or surf boards.

5. For the more adventurous party hosts, you could cram your invites within real sea shells and give them out to your friends! They’ll be extremely impressed!

6. Some fun games you can play could be tag. Attempting to sprint in water is great exercise and enormously enjoyable! You ought to set up some Basketball hoops and a Volleyball net. Do not forget the big beach balls.

7. The perfect foodstuff to serve up at a pool party would be sea food of course, but a barbecue will go down extremely well!

8. Remember to drink sensibly. Water and alcohol do not mix.

Best of luck with the organizing of your Pool Theme Party! I suggest you take a peek at many additional Pool Theme Party ideas to offer yourself the best possibility of holding the best event in the city!

Great First Birthday Party Ideas

Your baby is soon to reach a huge milestone. Your baby will turn one. From there your baby is no longer a baby, but a toddler. The first birthday is a special day and as parents we want to make it special for our children. Here are some great ideas to help you make it a great day.

Keep it simple. Your baby is too little to hit a pinata, jump in a blow up bounce house, or ride a pony. Don’t worry about hiring an entertainer or creating a birthday wonderland. Your little one is going to love all the attention being poured on them. Also realize when your little one is becoming overwhelmed. It’s easy for babies to become overwhelmed so as parents we need to watch to help keep the day going smoothly.

Make a personal cake for the birthday kid. That first birthday cake is often looked forward to by parents since they want to see their little one enjoy a great treat. The simplest way to do this is to make a small 5 or 6 inch cake just for them. Let them dig in and enjoy. Be aware that it will be very messy but your baby will think it’s a lot of fun.

Make it a morning or afternoon long affair. Going slow will help keep baby from getting overwhelmed. Take it a little at a time. A relaxed in no hurry atmosphere will keep baby relaxed and having fun.

Be flexible. Things may not go as planned. You little one may need a nap in the middle of things. Or not like the cake and would rather some fruit. Go with the flow and continue to celebrate the day that your angel was born.

These suggestions should help your little one’s first birthday to be a special and wonderful day.

Rachel Martin is a mom of three wonderful boys. She has been married to the love of her life for the past 8 years. She owns Sweet Infant an online baby store. Go to to find great information, wonderful products, and excellent customer service.

Children Birthday Party Ideas

There are many reasons why a little kid should have a really nice birthday party. Children remember exciting times in their lives and the way they remember them can govern the way they pattern their lives. Throwing your children a really nice birthday party is very important. There are a lot of ways on how to throw a birthday party for little kids. Some parents are busy buying that favorite toy their child wants, that they forget on how to throw a birthday party. Some basic items in a birthday party for little kids are:  

1. Theme Birthday– Having a Winnie the Pooh birthday cake, hats, napkins, and plates are only one of the themes that you can incorporate in your child’s birthday. When you have a theme to the birthday, you can have a lot of fun with it. Decorating according to a theme lightens up a birthday party for your little child. Knowing how to throw a birthday party for little kids is important with theme birthdays.  

2. Dress Up– Invite others to dress up for the party including you as parents. When there are people invited to a theme party, it can add some extra flare to the party when you have the guests dress up on that special day. Dressing up for a party adds more excitement to the party. Your child will love to dress up as their favorite Disney character or Action hero. Don’t be shy to dress up as your child’s favorite super hero yourself. It will brighten your child’s day if you do.  

3. Goodie Bags– When you have guests over to share in the festivities, it is best to have a treat bag for each of the children. This offers the children a small gift to take home with them as a reminder of your child’s birthday. Children love to go to parties where they will get something in return. Your child will love the mini presents as well.  

Besides having a cake and ice cream for all the kids at the party, you need to be able to have time for your child. The wants and needs of children are sometimes outside of your budget. When planning the party, include your child. Your children will tell you what they want and you can tell them what you can afford. Listening to your children and coming to a compromise is the best you can do for them.  

When you do this, your child will understand and help you further in planning their party. Having communication will allow for the party to run a lot smoother. Games and activities are a must in every party. Having the games and activities that are age appropriate will allow the children to be entertained. Entertainment is vital to every party. Remember this and you will have a lot of fun on your special little princess or man’s day.  

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Gathering Theme Party Ideas

The most funny and creative part of a party is gathering theme party ideas. Firstly, concentrate on the general theme, which should go with your occasion of celebration, and try to create a unique theme from it. Take into consideration what the guest of honor would like and not be offended by, because he or she is the star of the party. If the party is for a birthday, is it an adult or will it be a child’s birthday party. The themes will obviously be different depending on the age and the likes and dislikes of the guest of honor. This also goes for a retirement party, an office party, or a surprise party, be sure to keep in mind what the guest of honor would enjoy and appreciate.


There are many pre-made party themes that you can use straight out of the box, but if you want to create something truly original and creative, take a basic theme idea and then add on to it with your own unique ideas. For example, if your theme party ideas include a luau theme or beach party theme, be creative and make unique invitations, decorations, favors, and even activities that build on the basic theme you’ve chosen. After completing your invitations, send them out about a month in advance so that your guests can make arrangements to come to the party and also ask for their reply so you will know who is or is not attending the party.


Your invitation should match the theme that the party is going to be centered around. Your guests will be excited to see all of the work you have put into making such a creative invitation, just wait until the party, your party will surely be a success. Your invitation should be the motivating factor and if done creatively, it will entice everyone to come to the party. If certain things are required of your guests, like costumes, or if it’s a surprise party, be sure to let them know on the invitation so they will be prepared.


Movies are good theme party ideas because they provide that good conversations with guests. If your party is a costume party, ask your guests to dress like a character from the movie that the theme party idea is centered around. Karaoke is always fun at any party, and if your theme allows it, you could play songs that go with your theme and your guests will be glad to sing a long because they are in the mood. You have set the stage with your theme party ideas and now your guests feel like they have escaped reality and are in some kind of fantasy world because of your creative theme for the party.


Balloons are great decorative items and generally go with any theme you may choose. Simply coordinate the colors of the balloons, and magically, with balloons alone, it creates a party atmosphere. There’s something about balloons that make people feel like it’s a party.


Plan activities like games and karaoke so your guests will have something to do. Having more activities than you have time for is always better than not having enough activities to keep your guests entertained. The length of your party will depend on the type of party it is. Parties usually range from two to four hours, and if it is a full four hours, consider providing space for your guests to dance or at least get up from one area and move around. Four hours in one chair or in a small space may be a bit uncomfortable, so plan your activities based on the length of time for the party and also the space where the party is going to be held.


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Halloween Party Ideas For A Birthday Party

Halloween Party Ideas For A Birthday Party

A Halloween birthday party is a great way to celebrate a birthday. Not only does it incorporate one of the most child oriented events of the year but it also gives opportunity for a costume party. Halloween party ideas are abundant and will turn out not so expensive since the supplies can be coordinated with the real Halloween event. Halloween party ideas range from decorations to foods as well as costumes and giveaways.

Halloween Party Ideas For Decorations, Food and Invitations

Decorations for Halloween can be based on the ages and disposition of the attendees and the celebrant. Halloween party ideas for younger children can be made of fantasy inspired themes like fairies, movie or cartoon characters as well as those from books. Including the macabre and scary Halloween party ideas in decorations may not be appropriate for younger children and traumatized them.

There are many different age appropriate Halloween supplies and decorations that are spooky but not scary. Examples of these are cartoonized witches, ghosts and vampires who do not look at all frightening. It may be a good idea to show the Halloween party ideas and decorations to the celebrant and gauge his or her reaction to them.

Some of the Halloween birthday decorations can also be used as the giveaways for the birthday. This Halloween party idea allows the stuffed bats, spiders and ghosts that hang from the ceiling to be pulled by the attending children and taken home as the giveaways. It is encouraged that the host write and attach a small thank you note on these stuffed toys and then announce to the attending children that they can get one each to take home.

Other Halloween party ideas for a birthday party is to make the food as close to Halloween as possible, specify that the attendees wear spooky but cute costumes and state a theme is there is one. Some Halloween party ideas for food are muffins that have sugar icing made into bats, vampires, cats and ghosts while the cake can either be a haunted house, a pumpkin or an eerie forest. Invitations can state the theme or even depict the theme of the party. This specification will help guide your guests as to what kind of party it will be.

These Halloween party ideas are just a few of the other imaginative ideas that can be implemented for the party. One can be inspired to come up with more Halloween party ideas just by looking at magazines, shows and party supplies.

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Themed Party Ideas – ABBA Party

Big flairs, lots of white it is the ABBA party

Have you watched the musical movie of Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried released last year? Mamma Mia!  When I watched the movie, I fell in love with this song as well other songs in the movie.  It was like relieving the days of ABBA once again.

Abba has been one of the pillars of the music industry in the 70’s until their last recording in the early part of the 80’s.  A lot of people, young and old, have fell in love with their music.  With the release of Mamma Mia, it was like Abba has been put in the limelight again.

Abba Party anyone?
When I was thinking of a suitable party for my girlfriends, it came to me to use the idea of an Abba Party theme.  Why?  Because when I saw how they reacted when they hear the song Mamma Mia and I Have a Dream, I was immediately sure that the Abba Party theme will be a hit!  

The whole idea of the Abba Party is to relive the 70’s era of Abba but to put a hint of present days.  Of course, the night should be a night of music and must emphasize the songs of the band, Abba.

Abba Party ideas

The setting for the Abba Party can be an oldie 70’s backdrop in a bar where the music of Abba can be continuously played or your own place decorated with 70’s stuff.  Depending on your budget, you can either go for the real bar and rent it out for the group or decorate your house to pass like a disco bar.

It’s relatively easy if you have the budget that will enable you to reserve one bar for your group.  All you need to do is instruct the manager to set-up the place for an Abba Party. In addition to the 70’s backdrop, you may also want to include posters Abba’s album to breathe the Abba’s ambiance into the place.

If you are tight on budget and decide to convert your place into a 70’s Abba Party hub, try creating a disco-like atmosphere through the use of cardboards placed on the floors and decorate the walls with brightly coloured papers.  Go for orange, lime green and yellow!  

The music should create a distinctive ambiance in the party.  Abba songs should be continuously played in the background.  At the start of the party, select songs that are the most famous.  Mamma Mia is an ideal choice as it is used with the recent movie.  Guests should be able to identify that the music that are playing are from Abba so the selection of the first few songs is highly critical.  The rest can be selected at random because towards the end if the guests don’t know the song, they will just be reacting: “Oh, so that is still Abba’s!”

The Look
It’s time to open the closet and get the 70’s clothes out of the boxes! The 70’s is the era of colourful and psychedelic clothes.  Go for bell bottoms, flares and leather jackets.  The colour combination rules were simply forgotten in this era.  Of course, since this is an Abba Party, the Abba elements should be present on top of the 70’s.

If you want to go full blast Abba, wear a white suit and bring out the afro wig!  That will surely do the job.  There are thousand pictures of Abba in the net where you can get your inspiration.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to be a little conservative, you may just wear a bright coloured blouse of dress, and then top it with a wide and equally colourful headband.

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