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Wedding Planning For A Quick Wedding

A wedding is unarguably the most important event in any girl’s life and you will be no different. But a long engagement process is not everyone’s cup of tea.

You have waited your whole life for this special occasion and now that the big day is quickly approaching and you may need to make some snap decisions to get this wedding together in a hurry.

Before you continue any further its recommended that what ever Country you reside in that you double check the legal requirements of marriage and the timescales etc.

With the legal procedures taken care of your big day should go ahead as planned. When your ready to start planning your wedding its recommended to choose a target date and a suitable venue such as a Church or Registry office which will host the ceremony.

If you do decide upon a Registry office you may need to consider an additional venue. Reserved for after the vows, typically registry offices cover only the service. Considerations for the after service might be a restaurant, bar or function hall where you and your guests can gather to relax and catch up.

Once the venue is taken care of you can begin inviting your guests to the wedding. It is important to get this completed swiftly if you intend to have formal invitations designed and mailed to the honoured guests.

If you do leave it late then you run the risk of it being to late for them to take time off and arrange schedules around your wedding. For this reason if you are running late it may be worth spending a day visiting guests or calling them directly.

E-mailing or Facebook messages are unlikely to get there attention as much as the preferred methods mentioned.
It is now time for you to gather the remaining services, including photography, bakery amongst others. This is really down to your individual tastes but the earlier you arrange all of these the less running around you will have to do in the weeks running up to your big day.

Next comes one of the biggest responsibilities of the entire event: Choosing a wedding dress or gown. If your planning to do this within a short space of time you may have to consider a premade solution ‘off the rack’ so to speak.

Alterations at the last minute can be time costly. When looking for a gown try to ring ahead to get an idea of what to expect from the store and ask about any special offers as you may have caught them in the right season to get a discount. With the main elements of your wedding day planned it is only the honeymoon and the actual big day itself left to prepare for.

Before you know it the big day has arrived. You have nothing to worry about as everything has been prepared in advance and you are now nearly stress free. Spend your honey moon relaxing and unwinding form all the stress of the planning but most of all enjoy yourself and spend some quality time with your new spouse.

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Seven Tips to Select Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts

Wedding is an important event in an individual’s life. Gifting something different, elegant and unusual brings in joy and happiness in the life of newly wedded couple. Wedding gifts are not only elegant and sophisticated, they can also be fun. Your gifts should communicate your best wishes, however at the same time they can also bring smile on the couple’s face.

Over the past few years, many people are opting for environmental friendly wedding presents. Eco friendly gift items are the symbol of joy and good health for the couple. They help in making their lives better and rejuvenating. There is a wide variety of such wedding presents available in the market to select from.

Check out few tips that would help you buy eco – friendly gift items:

1. Choose a gift exclusively made from recycled materials. Nowadays, recycled materials are widely used for making vases, glassware, dinnerware, lamps including other works of art and design.

2. As compared to other types of gifts, hand crafted gifts make for a perfect alternative. Some popular hand made gift items include pepper and salt shakers or hand made throws and blankets.

3. One of the best wedding presents is to donate something in the honour of newly wedded couple to some socially responsible organization, an environmental organization or any other social group that interests them.

4. In case, newly wedded couples have an eye for gadgets, consider gifting solar powered appliances such as solar chargers and solar flash lights.

5. Consider gifting them organic food. Nowadays, a large variety of organic food is available in the farmer’s market or other departmental outlets. You can also look for these food products online. Make sure they deliver vegetables and fruits to your place.

6. Organic plants or gardening supplies, a bush or tree make for perfect eco friendly gift items because not only they promote the environment but also enhance the beauty of newly wed’s home.

7. You can also gift them an annual pass to a museum or a national park. Gifts like these brings a joy and pleasure to the newly wedded couple. Whatever you gift, make sure couple cherish it for a long time to come. Wedding presents like eco friendly gifts are unique and memorable.

A Star Spangled Wedding Reception For the July 4th Holiday

A long Fourth of July holiday weekend offers a perfect time for a wedding. It occurs at the height of summer, offering great weather for an outdoor wedding, and an abundant selection of summer produce for creating your reception menu. Far flung friends and relatives may welcome the idea of combining a vacation or family reunion with attending your wedding. And, as a bonus, it offers a built in fun and celebratory theme to thread through your reception. Here are some ideas for creating your “star-spangled” wedding reception.

Music Consider marching into your reception site as newly marrieds to a Sousa type march. It’s certainly a rousing way to begin the celebration.

Flowers Use red roses, blue cornflowers or delphiniums, (but please don’t dye flowers blue!) in your bouquet and centerpieces, or to decorate your cake (fresh flowers make beautiful cake decorations).  Alternatively you can wrap your cake tiers in red, blue, or star embossed ribbons.

Decor Fabric stores are full of red, white and blue novelty prints this time of year which can be incorporated into your buffet decor. Add red, blue and silver foil star garlands, or sparklers (sparklers can also serve  as favors), in the cake topper and centerpieces. Star garlands can also be woven into the buffet decor.

Foods This is an occasion for picnic or barbecue food. Serve grilled chicken, steak, or even lobster, if you’re feeling in the chips, and corn on the cob (or a grilled corn salad for a more refined version). There are so many wonderful versions of potato salad- the quintessential summer food- if you’re the non-traditional type, carry out the color theme with a red, white and blue potato salad, or a salad of perfectly ripe sliced tomatoes topped with blue cheese crumbles. Summer also happens to be prime time for luscious berries. Serve large stemmed strawberries with a big bowl of whipped cream, or home made ice cream. Incorporate strawberries, blueberries and raspberries into your cake decor, or serve them along with the cake in meringue boats.  Garnish each slice of cake with a white chocolate star.

Activities Incorporate old fashioned picnic games like a tug of war or potato sack race for the kids- even adults may want to get into the act! By the way, making ice cream is a great summer picnic activity and watching the cranking process provides entertainment for younger wedding guests, as well.

End the Day Finally, if you choose your location just right, you can end the evening by viewing a local fireworks display. 

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Custom Candy Buffet Bars and Wedding Candy Buffet Bars For Special Events

Candy, Candy, Candy! These days Candy seems to be everywhere. You go to a trade show and they give you Candy with business cards attached, you go to a wedding and you are given some Jordan Almonds in a cute container. It seems Candy Buffets have taken over the world of special events. Perhaps it is simply the fun nature of candy that brings anyone back to their childhood. People simply love candy! They love the nostalgia “Hey I haven’t had an Abba Zabba since I was a kid!” We love eating candy, sharing it, looking at amazing displays built by candy…It simply makes people smile

If you are looking for something affordable, whimsical, fun and always a conversation piece at your special event, wedding or Bat / Bar Mitzvah? Why not try a custom candy buffet bar? Candy buffets are always a unique centerpiece to a dessert table. Try something new rather then the usual party favor or wedding favors that will cost you anywhere between $ 4-$ 15. Candy Buffet Bars are generally $ 4.95-$ 7.95 per guest which includes a variety of beautiful candy filled glass candy jars in all shapes and sizes.

You can select your candy favorites and fill the jars up until they are overflowing. You can customize your Candy Buffet Bar to fit your theme or color scheme. Lately I have seen L.E.D. lights, props, florals and candles used to decorate candy buffet tables. You can also customize goodie bags, take-out boxes or other to go containers with labels, ribbons, etc. There are also fantastic companies who specialize in creating Custom Candy Buffet’s that are spectacular and become a show piece to your event!

Candy Buffets are perfect for Weddings, Engagement Parties, Wedding Showers, Birthdays, Bat & Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens, Quincenieras, Anniversaries, Holiday Parties, Corporate Events, Grad Nights etc. Candy Displays are simply- deliciously fantastic and fun!
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Oasis Punta Cana Excellent Wedding Directories Reservations Schemes Good Food And Destinations

Nighttime diversion in Punta Cana Hotels

A perfect holiday in Punta Cana is not just about lying around in the sun and cruising along the coast during day, but also having fun during nighttime. Many youngsters love to dance and Punta Cana gives them the best locations within their edifices. There is this two-level club called The Mangu Disco where techno music fans can feel good, and it is somewhere inside the Occidental Grand Flamenco hotel. The Arieto has been dubbed by many to be one of the best nightclubs in Punta Cana. It can be found inside the Club Princess Resort and the music played in this club is very diverse, from Hip-Hop to Dance, plus its tribal design which is another element that makes this club unique. This is why the young and old generation from all over the world chooses this place to chill out. Night shows and casinos are also available among the resorts and hotels for those who would like to just sit back and relax.

Elegant Punta Cana Hotels

The Dominican Republic gives high value to its sheltered haven, Punta Cana, an area just along the coastlines of the Caribbean that sightseers and travelers worldwide have had so much good stories to tell about. One of the best assets of this tropical paradise is its elegant Punta Cana Hotels and resorts that have consistently satisfied guests and have enticed them to keep coming back. Just within the eastern corner of the country is the Sirenis Tropical Suites Casino and Spa. It reflects a luxurious atmosphere with utmost quality of service. Hotel facilities offer only the best for its guests, ranging from pools for adults and children and a poolside snack bar to relaxing Jacuzzis and Turkish steam baths. Ultimately, this prestigious hotel delights its guests by providing indoor shopping including several diners, a beauty parlor, and an entertainment room to sum it up to a worthwhile vacation deal, where travelers are certainly assured that they are provided all they want.

Excellent cooking at Punta Cana Hotels

The Dominican Republic has had a lot of visitors going in and out to experience the soothing atmosphere of the beachfronts, to learn of its colorful history, and to spend a memorable wedding or honeymoon in such a beautiful place. Other than that, they have also come to appreciate the variety of food that it has offered them. The food in the Dominican Republic is a mixture between the Indian and Spanish culture – chicken, beef or pork are generously flavored and spiced. Punta hotels and food spots have improved their cooking in order to satisfy their clients. There are a few hotels that hold the so called Dominican Night where they display only tasty local food. They offer all kinds of food like Caribbean, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, and Asian for those who want to try something different. So if you want to get the chance of trying out food from other cultures, a dinner or a lunch smorgasbord is the best way to do it.

Punta Cana Hotel Packages

When its not summer or it isnt such a sellable time of the year, each of the Punta Cana hotels provide various gimmicks and convincing bargains that lure tourists and sightseers to hang around in their hotels. The Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro can be easily found along the coastline and just several kilometers from the International Airport. From its regular rate of $ 300, guests get to save a lot by lowering the rate to a whopping $ 245. Their charge per night decreases to an unbelievable $ 245, which originally was $ 300 per night. Popularly called the Sun and Fun Resort, the Riu Bambu delights its visitors to get reservations ahead and get a big slash of 40% off the original room charge per night. Another hotel which launches its Winter Bonanza from the month of January to February is the Excellence Luxury Hotel, offering an inviting drop-down on room rates for those visitors who are booked from January 14 until February 28, 2010, and a much bigger drop-down for those who take advantage of the 2010 March to December Special Offer. Hotel Paradisus similarly presents discounted packages when arrangements are made online.

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Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings have of late become quite common and many people now deliberately plan a summer wedding. It can be fun and enjoyable if planned properly and with some precautions. Summers in several Indian cities can get quite hot and humid with day temperatures rising beyond 45 deg C at its peak.
However, here are 5 things that you should keep in mind for a summer wedding –
1. Outdoor Venue – If you have chosen an outdoor venue like a garden or a farmhouse, make sure there are several pedestal fans and greenery around so that the temperature remains cool.
2. Indoor Venue – If you have decided to book a wedding hall then make sure it is well ventilated and has proper air conditioning since having hundreds of guest in a single hall, how so very big, can make it quite stuffy and suffocating.
3. Size of the venue – Choose a big enough venue so that there is ample moving space and make sure that food is served somewhere away from the stage where the bride and the groom will be seated.
4. Decoration – Choose a floral decoration with lots of roses, marigolds, tuberose, orchids etc. Also make sure the colours used for decoration are not too dark and neither too bright. Soothing colours are preferred during summers. Make sure that the flowers are put up only after sunset and have been freshly purchased. In case they have been bought earlier, keep them wrapped in a moist cloth or ice box to prevent wilting.
5. Water and Drinks – Summers are that time of the year when anyone can get dehydrated quickly. Make sure there is ample water for all your guests in addition to other rehydrating fluids like juices, soft drinks etc.

Here are 5 things you should take special care of while hosting a summer wedding –  
1. Clothes – Avoid wearing heavy clothing for a summer wedding, especially when it comes to bride’s dress. A heavy ‘lehenga’ only adds to the discomfort which a hot and humid weather causes. Try finding a wedding dress which is made from fabrics like Chiffon or Georgette or something that’s made from cotton. Same goes for the groom, avoid wearing heavy dresses and go for something light and not made out of synthetic fabrics.
2. Jewellery – Just like clothing, even jewellery can be quite a pain in the neck (pun intended) during a summer wedding. Wear something will not cause rashes if you start sweating due to the temperature.
3. Exertion – Avoid exertion during a summer wedding, this goes specially for the bride and the groom who will have to stay awake till late in the night during their wedding day to complete all the rituals and the ‘pheras’.
4. Heavy Food – Summers are a time when people usually lose their appetite for heavy and oily foods. However, everyone enjoys lots of snacks and ‘chaats’, especially something like ‘golgappas’ or ‘paani-puris’ and ‘dahi-bhalla’ (curd based ‘chaats’). Also, have ample cold juices, soft drinks etc. to help your guests beat the heat.
5. Wedding Invitations – Make sure you send out invitations well in advance since summers are usually the time when children have their holidays and families plan their vacations. Let people know of your wedding plans as early as possible so that they can plan accordingly and be there to bless the bride and the groom.

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From Wedding Cookie Favors To Business Promotions, Put It On A Cookie!

Wedding cookie favors, adorned with your bridal picture perfectly reproduced will be a sweet remembrance for your guests. A graduation or birthday party is the perfect time for the guest of honor to have their own signature cookie! Promote your business or service by putting your logo and message on a tasty treat. With this new technology you can take any photo or logo and perfectly transfer it to the icing on a delicious cookie, creating a personalized cookie treat, completely edible and safe. While this technology has been available in the cake decorating world for some time by transferring photo images to rice paper, this new method eliminates the rice paper and can now be directly reproduced on the cookie using FDA approved food colorings and a secret patented technology.

To achieve the best results a crisp clear photo should be used. The quality of the cookie picture depends on the quality of the image used. The clearer the photo and the more contrast within the photo, the better it will look on the cookie. It is recommended that you prepare your image with white backgrounds and large, legible fonts using colors that won’t blend with your background or image. Keep important text and design elements from the edge of your cookies as images can shift slightly in production. In order to have a higher resolution image, you should save your images at 300 dpi (dots per inch) and at approximately 3″ diameter. However, your image can be re-sized to fit on the cookie.

Custom picture cookies can be made as cookie bridal shower favors, wedding favors, birthday favors, for bar/bat mitzvahs, christenings, as well as unusual promotional business items for conventions, business launches, trade shows and grand openings. Promotional business products have long been a standard way to interact with customers and clients and help a business or product be remembered, often with great success. Feel good products like cookies, create goodwill and fun and these are crucial objectives for any new business.

So if you’re looking for a way to make your next party memorable, you want a creative, thoughtful gift for someone special, or you need to get your business noticed, a personalized cookie may well be the way to go, because who doesn’t love a cookie? Chocolate or vanilla, sweet icing, and packaged in a cello bag. They’re even Kosher. When times are hard, people love to celebrate and feel special, more than ever. So find a picture and put it on a cookie!

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Punta Cana Exceptional Wedding Ideas Villas Schemes Good Food Plus A Lot More

Inexpensive Punta Cana Hotels

Of the numerous sights and wonders in the world, the country of the Dominican Republic is one of the most frequented. It offers a lot of attractions and marvels from all its corners. Punta Cana, a municipal district in its eastern area, showcases exciting highlights and a picturesque view of palm and coconut plantations seemingly keeping safe the tranquility of the Caribbean seas. A lot of activities are in store for its guests here in this beautiful province apart from having a tan and swimming. They can go horseback riding or scuba diving, or perhaps have a round of golf at their elegant golf clubs. Moreover, some guests may not prefer swimming so much and want to book somewhere within the vicinity of the airport (which Punta Cana actually has) and choose to stay close to gardens and sanctuaries, and also economical Punta Cana hotels in these areas that provide ease and accessibility. Touring around the municipality is also accessible by either participating on a group tour (on gwa-gwas) or by hiring private transport and doing the tour alone.

All You Want in Punta Cana Hotels

When you are given the opportunity to tour the Dominican Republic, you will certainly have a memorable and grand time if you book in to one of the fine wide-ranged Punta Cana hotels. Their International and world class services and accommodations have been supported by positive feedback from frequent goers and first timers who have sworn that they will surely return to the place. Hotel clerks and receptionists are professional and very hospitable, and food is superbly scrumptious, perfectly complementing the picturesque view of the white sand beaches and the lush greenery of coconuts and palm trees an epitome of home away from home. They are situated in such a way that recreational activities, family events, and special occasions are possible. A smorgasbord of delicious food is also served morning, noon, and night. So pamper yourself or your loved ones. Come to the tropical paradise of Punta Cana.

Special Bargains in Punta Cana Hotels

Several Punta Cana hotels recently assist in granting your wish of vacationing at the astounding picturesque municipality of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. During off-peak season, hotels from the North and East Coast offer big, big discounts and vacation packages for families, couples, and friends who wish to visit this awe-inspiring city on a limited budget. The Occidental Grand Punta Cana Hotel is one of the popular three-star hotels that would surely be an ideal place to stay. It has 800 beautifully designed rooms, including what they call the supersaver rooms that would satisfy a familys budget. Another reason why the Occidental Grand is the place to be is that from their regular charge per night of $ 79, it becomes only $ 39. 50 in the first quarter of the year. Room rates are at $ 79 per person, inclusive of meals, cocktails, and a few recreational activities such as horseback riding.

Winter Price-offs in Punta Cana Hotels

How would you like to spend a tranquil and meaningful winter season with your family in the astounding Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, fronting the Caribbean Sea?Where would you want to place them so they can have a fun-filled experience?Imagine no more. Punta Cana hotels introduce you and your loved ones to their Winter Price-offs. Bringing them to the Majestic Colonial is a very good alternative if your parents are golf enthusiasts. It is an exquisite International Standard hotel which gives Mom and Dad a chance to play for free, as part of the all-inclusive price-off rates that they give their guests during the winter season. This is a whole year round offer. On the other hand, the Iberostar Bavaro Hotel delights you with its winter discounted room rates and elegant accommodations, being one of the top ten resorts in Punta Cana. This is ongoing and concludes on the 31st of this month. So make a reservation now at the Majestic Colonial or the Iberostar Hotels and have a memorable winter season.

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Oasis Punta Cana Elegant Wedding Tips Beach Resorts Discounts Cuisine And Destinations

Punta Cana Hotels Journey Directions

Are you willing to see Punta Cana as a whole?Or youre simply willing to see what it can offer besides beaches, looking for a new experiences outside you vacation routine?There are two ways how you can make that possible: Either participating in a planned excursion by shuttle which the habitants call gua-guas, or either renting a vehicle and go anywhere you wish. If you choose the bus youll be able to see al little bit of every village that comes into your way since the bus makes a few stops in each of them. This would be great because youll see how the people live their daily lives. However, if you choose to rent a car, you could check-out some Punta Cana hotels that were not included in you tourist offers or other sights that people have been talking about but you havent gotten the chance to see yet. Whatever alternative you choose, dont hesitate to visit the Manati Park and Fun-Fun Cave. A car safari is another pleasant choice to do the tour.

Summer Escape at Punta Cana Hotels

Arranging to spend the summer vacation in the striking Punta Cana is a certain way of having a fun and pleasant holiday. Price ranges might be a little high but this is something normal because summer is the season when most people come to visit Punta Cana. However, spending on it certainly deserves every penny. The Grand Flamenco is one of the most famous hotels being preferred by most couples and tourists, thanks to its white sand beaches and comforting ambiance. Theres also a pool for children and a playground that makes this resort great even for families. Another place that should be on your list is the Oasis Canoa, a world class hotel. It is placed near the Historic Parque National Del Este and few other important places that entail a colorful history of the Dominican Republic. These include an archaeological museum, an operational sugarcane mill, and a small fishing village that is made more attractive by the surrounding colorful fishing boats. These two world class resorts will certainly make a perfect summer vacation.

Punta Cana Hotels and Beach Accommodations

Enclosing the Dominican Republic are the two vast oceans of the Caribbean and North Atlantic Oceans, splendidly beautifying the country with their clear waters and their naturally designed trees and sanctuaries. The country has become well-known for its marvels and the intricate tales of its villages, parks, and museums and their beginnings. Whichever will suit your fancy, a number of hotels provide exceptional food and of high quality of service. If you are more of the lover of art and history, Santo Domingo will suit the naturalist in you. On the other hand, if you are a lover of peace and pristine white beaches, then a staying in one of the Punta Cana hotels would definitely complement your taste. You have a wide array of choices ranging from three, four, and five star hotels to suites and resort hotels that are just across the Caribbean Sea and right beside the stretch of the oceanfront.

Extravagant Punta Cana Hotels

Arranging a trip to Punta Cana for work or just for fun is a great way to begin or end the year and spending your time in one of the extravagant Punta Cana hotels is a great choice for an unspoiled vacation in the Caribbean. These hotels are not hard to track because theyre placed in the eastern corner of the Dominican Republic, along the beach. The Paradisus, Tortuga Bay, and the Sivory Punta Cana are some of the most famous hotels that represent extravagance and provide high standard services. All designed carefully and with elegant style, these five-star resorts have spacious suites and villas that overlook the striking blue oceans. The food is a blend of cultures and its available in the various restaurants, not to mention the expensive facilities like pools Jacuzzis or baths which are always attracting people. Exclusive conveniences like Jacuzzis, swimming pools, or steam baths are easily enticing the tourists. You can never go wrong with these resorts, truly refuge and time well spent.

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Oasis Punta Cana Majestic Wedding Leads Reservations Deals Cuisine Plus Destinations

Punta Cana Hotels Journey Directions

Are you willing to see Punta Cana as a whole?Or youre simply willing to see what it can offer besides beaches, looking for a new experiences outside you vacation routine?Well, there are two ways on how you could do that: signing up for a planned expedition by bus which the locals call gua-gua, or just renting a car and going wherever you want on your own. If choosing the gua-gua, you will have the chance of taking a closer look at every rural community that you go past because there will be short stops in each of them. This would be great because youll see how the people live their daily lives. If you decide to make the trip on your own you can go visit other Punta Cana hotels that youve heard about or some that you pass by while driving but havent tried viewing from within. One of the most important places that you must see is the Manati Park and the Fun-Fun Cave. . A jeep safari is also one way to enjoy a half or full day tour.

Exquisite Punta Cana Hotels

The Dominican Republic gives high value to its sheltered haven, Punta Cana, an area just along the coastlines of the Caribbean that sightseers and travelers worldwide have had so much good stories to tell about. A preferred qualification of this all-season abode is its exquisite Punta Cana hotels and beach villas that unfailingly persuade travelers and sightseers to want to return. The Sirenis Tropical Suites Casino and Spa is a five-star hotel that is nestled on the beachfront of the eastern Dominican Republic. It is a widely familiar tourist favorite that offers maximum comfort and top notch services. It provides facilities such as adult and kiddie pools with a mini food corner just beside it, and steam baths that assure relaxation and stress release. The guests are further made comfortable by providing them with their very own shopping mall within the hotel, not to mention the restaurants, gaming room, and a beauty salon to complete the package that Sirenis Tropical Suites showcases its guests, making them feel like they have everything they need, all in one elegant abode.

Nothing They Cant Give at Punta Cana Hotels

When you are given the opportunity to tour the Dominican Republic, you will certainly have a memorable and grand time if you book in to one of the fine wide-ranged Punta Cana hotels. Reviews and testimonials from guests and sightseers who have gone around are just very pleasing and tell how much people wish they could visit the place again because of the spacious suites and first rate service. Hotel clerks and receptionists are professional and very hospitable, and food is superbly scrumptious, perfectly complementing the picturesque view of the white sand beaches and the lush greenery of coconuts and palm trees an epitome of home away from home. Beach activities, family picnics, and other special events can be held in one of their safe and cozy locations. Nightlife is not at all a problem, as the hotel bars are more than enough to accommodate their customers and suit each of their needs. So pamper yourself or your loved ones. Punta Cana is a clear-cut way to treat yourself and your family.

Explore Punta Cana Hotels

Discovering Punta Cana in one whole day would be impossible, but cruising along the scenic Caribbean shores is. The beach is one of the reasons why Punta Cana has become a favorite vacation spot, and taking a slow cruise on the Bebe Catamaran VIP will sweep you away. The cruise allows you to see the vast coconut groves and palm tree plantation enclosing the Punta Cana hotels and resorts that are visible along the coastline. From far away, you see the various adult and kiddie pools and golf clubs, just splendid. Snorkeling lessons and a chance to see the marine sanctuary in a sheltered and undamaged area of Cabeza Del Toro are also included in the sailing package. You then stop over one of the many beautiful areas to go swimming or just have a tan. And whats more, rum and beer are served for free! Ultimately, sailing is a fabulous way to explore the marvels of Punta Cana.

Want a complete business and leisure holiday? Here are a wide array of punta cana hotels and mexico vacations, Punta Cana beaches, and more. This includes a tour around the Domniican Republic.