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Using Trade Show Booths To Capture Long Tail Audiences

When you’re at a convention, there can be an overwhelming impulse to make as broad an appeal for your product as possible. You want everyone who comes into that exhibition hall to find your marketing interesting, and be drawn in to learn more. Yet a surprising number of businesses make their marketing so general that it ends up blending in with all of the other exhibits, severely minimizing its potential impact. In many cases, the best way to get your exhibit noticed is to target the long tail by providing specific, interesting marketing that will appeal strongly to targeted, quality visitors.

Understanding Long Tail Trade Show Booths

The long tail concept is an old one amongst marketing experts. They noticed that broadly targeted messages were having an inferior impact; in a bid to appeal to everyone, they were actually appealing to no one. In response, marketers started fine tuning their message to more specialized subsets of the general group. Because they got no response to broad marketing, they focused more specifically on some at the possible expense of others.

Specific Appeal, Remarkable Results

When you make a targeted approach, you are statistically more likely to get responses. This is true regardless of what marketing medium you use, whether it be running a TV ad or designing your trade show booths. In most cases, the response to a more targeted, specific ad surpasses what would be expected from a generic campaign by a significant proportion. Many companies have difficulty choosing to focus on just one subset of their possible client base, even though the statistics support the wisdom of that choice. In the end, almost every company sees significantly improved returns on their marketing investment when switching to a more targeted method of designing booths for trade shows.

How To Target Your Table Top Displays

Once you’ve made the choice to specify your exhibit, you need to decide what market you’ll be targeting. Depending on your field, this choice may be made for you. But if your product has broad appeal, it can be difficult to determine the best place to focus the messages of your table top displays. The best way to determine the ideal focus is by conducting research and utilizing focus groups. Focus groups allow you to survey your potential clients and gauge their reactions to possible new initiatives. Always get as wide a survey of individuals as possible for the best results.

Implementing Your New Strategy

After conducting interviews with focus groups and selecting your new emphasis, the final step is to actually put your new plan into effect. This can be the most stressful step for businesses not used to the idea of targeted trade show booths. At this point, all you need do is remain confident. If necessary, review literature supporting the long tail theory and relax by seeing statistics that support your move. If your company is like most, you’ll see an immediate quality traffic increase, and your entire company will benefit.

Chris Harmen is an author for Skyline, leading providers of trade show booths in Orlando, Florida. As a top regional source for table top displays, Skyline has provided hundreds of event solutions to Florida companies.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

Exchanging your vows is one of the most important and special days in a person’s life. In areas such as Virginia, it may be difficult to find the perfect Richmond, VA wedding photographer. It is a common myth that having a family member take the wedding photos will be easier than finding a good professional in such big cities. However, almost always it better to use Richmond wedding photography when taking pictures for your special day.

Usually when mixing family and business, the result is not good. It is better to hire a professional, especially for pictures, because you will ensure there are no problems with family members. It is never easy to tell someone if you do not like what they are doing. However, it becomes even more difficult when that person is a family member. By using a professional photographer, it is easier to tell a professional if you want something done a different way, without having to worry about hurting a family member’s feelings. Dealing with a professional photographer will make life much less stressful, which is especially nice when planning your big day.

Another reason why it is a good idea to hire a professional for your big day photos is because the professionals know what they are doing. Almost everyone wants to keep their photos for a lifetime and a professional will make sure that happens. Almost all professional event photographers want to ensure the couple is truly happy with their photos.

Finally, as stated earlier, you will want to keep the memories of your big day alive for as long as you are married. It is important to pick a professional who knows what he or she is doing so you can make sure the photographs are the way you want them on your special day. Usually, the couple will meet with the professional on numerous occasions before the big day to give the photographer an idea of what bride and groom want for their photos. Some couples prefer more happy and candid photos, while other couples prefer more serious, set-up shots. This all depends on the couple and the professional will help in deciding what pictures will be best for the couple.

Many couples do not realize how important it is to have a professional photographer take their photos. Some couples have family members take their photos, which usually causes more stress when planning a big event. And more stress is the last thing a bride and groom need when planning or having a party. Also, it is important to hire a professional photographer for the big day because the memories are supposed to last a lifetime. This is also one of the most special days in the life a couple, so it is important the photos from the special day are done correctly and how the bride and groom want them to be done. This is what a professional will help ensure.

Chuck Stewart recently reviewed a Richmond wedding photographer while studying the marital habits of the southern population. Many thanks are given to the Richmond, VA wedding photographer who was very helpful in conducting the study of marriage.

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding

With all the planning and preparation that goes into a wedding these days, your weight loss can be the last thing on your mind. However for brides-to-be who want to look their best ever in their wedding photos, there are simple solutions.

In this article then we’re going to look at some simple, common-sense steps you can implement to help you lose weight before your wedding day. Should you want to go all the way, of course, and achieve maximum results then a dedicated wedding weight loss diet is recommended, but these steps will at least get you moving in the right direction.

1) Choose Exercise

In many situations in life there is an easy and a hard way to achieve something. You could walk to the shop, or drive. You could hire a cleaner, to do the vacuuming yourself. You could walk the dog in the countryside or just let him run round the garden.

And it’s perfectly natural to just take the easiest option – that’s just human nature. But from now until your wedding day, I want you to try and do the slightly more difficult thing. Because all these little things – like taking the stairs rather than the elevator, or going out for a bike ride rather than sitting in front of the TV – can make a big difference to the number of calories that you burn and as a result the amount of weight you lose.

So remember – whenever an opportunity arises for a small amount of exercise – take it!

2) Reduce Your Food Intake

One of the reason people dislike diets is that they are often left feeling hungry. So here’s a quick and simple solution. Don’t go from your current food intake down to eating a few lettuce leaves each day. Obviously your body is going to notice and complain.

Instead, aim to just reduce your food intake by 10-20% per meal. This is so small that you likely won’t notice the difference, yet you will have dropped your carb intake by up to 20%. Every time you are dishing up a meal, just remember to give yourself slightly less. And to make life even easier, consider buying smaller plates so your plate looks just as full but has less on it.

3) Think Before Eating

Many of us eat on autopilot much of the time. We feel hungry so just grab what is easiest. Almost always this is junk food. Or we eat just because we like to – even when we aren’t hungry. A plate of “nibbles” infront of the TV, while fun, ramps up your carb intake when often you’re not even hungry.

So simply take a few seconds to think before you start eating anything. Just ask yourself if you are really hungry or not. And ask yourself if what you are going to eat is healthy or not. This simple process can be a very powerful one which allows you to more consciously control your diet.

To find out more tips on losing weight ready for your wedding please visit Wedding Weight Loss

Photo Books

Turn unused wedding pictures in Photo Books

As well as your professional wedding pictures, have you managed to stockpile a massive amount of digital images that were taken by relatives and friends? The standard of some of them could be veering towards professional quality and it seems a shame to leave them stranded on your laptop.  Why not turn them into Photo Books that are created in a matter of minutes.  Using specialist software you’ll be able to bring Photo books to life and promote your photos in the perfect fashion.  A range of templates are available to use in the design of the Photo Books and your Lay Flat Books can be as colourful as you like.

How does it work?

Design sites can be found online and you simply download the software they provide.  Once you have the software on your computer you can begin to design the Photo Books.  User guides are supplied to make the process easier and you’ll have fun as the Photo Books start to take shape.  Add images and text to the Photo Books if you like and give your Lay Flat Books the personal touch.  Get creative with the Photo Books, you can tell a unique story with them, or simply place a range of poignant pictures without the pages of the books. You’ll soon get to grips with the software of the site that prints the Photo Books. Once you are happy with the way that you book looks online, place your order and you can expect to receive it back within a week.

I haven’t got any wedding pictures

Don’t worry. You can use the Photo Books for a range of purposes.  A wedding album is just one example where Lay Flat Books will be of use. How about using the Photo Books for advertising purposes?  Once you familiarise yourself with the software you could create visually attractive sales brochures.  Remember that wonderful holiday to Bali last Birthday?  Why not bring the memories flooding back and design your own Photo Books that contain one magical picture after another?  The holiday Photo Books can include witty observations, or you could go into greater detail with volumes of text explaining what is happening in each picture. helps you to design your own high quality photo books in a matter of minutes; visit our site today for more information on Photo Books and Lay Flat Books


Wedding Dresses of Princesses and Queens

Every girl wishes to look as beautiful as a princess or a queen in the most important day of her life. Apart from hiring the excellent make-up artist to make sure she is the most beautiful lady on her day, a bride would hire the best designer in order to create an extremely stylish wedding gown which makes her look gorgeous and outstanding. How about people who are real princesses or queens? Do you want to know about the wedding gowns that famous and powerful women such as Princess Maxima of Netherlands, Princess Martha Louise of Norway, Princess of Wales Diana, and Queen Rania of Jordan used to wear in their wedding? Let’s have a look at the photos below to get the answers.


Princess Maxima of Netherlands wore the simple but luxurious wedding dress designed by Valentino on her wedding day to Prince Willem Alexander in February 2002.


The photo of Princess Martha Louise of Norway was taken on her wedding day in May 2002.


Princess of Asturias, Letizia wore a gown made by Spaniard Manuel Pertegaz on her wedding day to Felipe, Prince of Asturias. The marriage was dissolved by divorce in 1999


Rania officially became wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan, and one of the world’s most powerful women on 10 June 1993.


Princess of Wales Diana chose designers David and Elizabeth Emmanuel for her wedding dress. The design then became famous and was used by many brides in U.K.


Sweden has just hosted the biggest European royal wedding when Crown Princess Victoria married commoner Daniel Westling. Her wedding dress was designed by Swedish designer Par Engsheden


Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece attractively appeared in the gown also designed by Valentino on her wedding day to Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece in July 1995 at St Sophia’s Cathedral in London.


The gown of Princess Mette-Marit of Norway was a design of Norwegian Ove Harder Finseth


Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark looked so beautiful and stylish in the dress designed by Danish designer Uffe Frank on her most important day married to Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark in May 2004.


Princess Noor of Jordan was known as a kind woman who rarely wore crown and makes up when going out. Her wedding dress also looks very simple.


Princess Marie of Denmark was spotted on her wedding in 2008. The Princess’s wedding gown was designed by Spanish-Italian fashion house Arasa Morelli and was sewn by a Danish woman working for the company



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Most Attractive Wedding Gowns in Hollywood

Every bride wants to look like a Queen on her wedding day, the most memorable day in a woman’s life. Apart from hiring the best make-up artist to make sure she is the most beautiful lady on her day, she also gets the services of the best designer to come up with her wedding gown. For Hollywood stars, they often choose gowns that are designed by the most famous designers in the world such as Vera Wang, Zac Posen, Armani Privé and etc for their wedding day. Let’s have a look at the photos below to find out the most beautiful bride in Hollywood.

The former Lizzie McGuire star, Hilary Duff became Mrs. Hilary Comrie when she married to her long-term boyfriend, the hockey star, Mike Comrie On August 14. Hilary looked so sophisticated in the beautiful wedding dress designed by designer Vera Wang.


Hilary Duff looks so gorgeous in Vera Wang wedding dress


On her wedding with the basketball star Carmelo Anthony, LaLa Vazquez looked outstanding in a lovely custom-made wedding dress by Vera Wang. The gown featured a fitted bodice and a sash tied at the waist.


Mena Suvari wore a strapless gown with fitted top and fuller pieced bottom designed by Alice and Olivia on her wedding day


Joanna Garcia, star of the TV sitcom “Better With You”, looked stunning in a strapless, drop-waist Monique Lhuillier gown on her wedding day at Palm Beach to New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher


Country star Carrie Underwood wore a silk organza Monique Lhuillier gown for the day she married to the hockey star Mike Fisher.


Coco Rocha, one of Canada’s most famous fashion model exports married to British interior designer James Conran in early June. In the photo, she wears a fashionable Zac Posen gown.


Megan Fox and her long time boyfriend Brian Austin Green married in Hawaii on June 24th this year. The photo were taken in Hawaii where the face of Emporio Armani underwear wore a silk chiffon dress designed by Armani Privé.


Vera Wang seems to be the most popular wedding dress designer. Alicia Keys also chose Vera Wang to walk down the aisle


Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick tied the knot at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes. Molly wore a strapless wedding dress by Monique Lhuillier for the ceremony


Nicole Richie opted for the Marchesa gown that had long sleeves for her big day



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Traditional Wedding Cakes Worldwide

Wedding cakes play an important part in wedding parties of almost all couples because they are considered as lucky gifts to congratulate and honor the brides and grooms. Furthermore, the wedding cake reflects customs of each nation worldwide. For instance, Tteok is a traditional Korean cake, so many couples here choose this cake for their wedding day. The traditional English wedding cake is a fruitcake or the traditional weddings in German always have a nut-rich sponge cake. Let’s find out some delicious cakes in different countries through the following photos. Surely, you will feel hungry when looking at these cakes.

Sweet tteok is the traditional wedding cake in Korea. It is made of steamed glutinous rice flour and covered in red bean powder. Korean people also eat sweet tteok on special occasions like New Year’s Day or birthdays


The traditional Indonesian wedding cake is a massive and layered creation called “lapis Surabaya”. The layers represent a ladder of success for the couple


Traditional English wedding cake is a fruitcake, usually made with raisins, ground almonds, cherries and marzipan. The fruitcake is also served at the wedding reception with another traditional cake called the groom’s cake


The traditional wedding in German always has a nut-rich sponge cake, which is usually laced with liqueur or syrup, filled with jam, marzipan or nougat and covered in fondant


In France, the traditional wedding cake called “croquembouche”. It is a tall tower of cream-filled pastries coated in caramel and formed into a pyramid shape.


Ukrainian couples share a type of wedding bread called “Korovai”. It is considered a sacred part of the wedding feast


Many couples in Greek prefer a flourless almond cake, which is filled with vanilla custard and fruit and covered in sliced almonds


No Italian wedding would be complete without “zuppa inglese” filled with chocolate custard, vanilla custard, rum cream, and fruit



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Hot Air Balloon: Exchanging Wedding Rings


At the height of 150 meters to contemplate the whole of Nha Trang Bay, groom Nguyen Nam and bride Thu Huong happily exchanged wedding rings in a hot air balloon. The balloon, which is worth 1.2 million euros, is bought from France. It is controlled by specialists from Germany, France and Vietnam. 

This is the first time in Vietnam, a young couple have exchanged their wedding vows on a soft white sandy beach, allured in romantic violin melodies and sunny weekends. Such holy moments took place in a beige hot air balloon in Hon Tam Resort, Nha Trang Bay, which is one of most beautiful beaches in the world. Let’s pay a visit to Vietnam to deeply enjoy such a marvelous memory. Below are the most original and breathtaking photo shoots of the exciting and unique wedding from Hon Tam Resort, Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam.


Exchanging wedding rings in a hot air balloon– an unprecedented event in the world, just in Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam

More than 1,000 visitors came here to fly in the hot air balloon to see Nha Trang Bay, one of the most beautiful tourism destinations in the world, and an exotic view of Nha Trang City

The hot air balloon, 22 meters in diameter, is covered with 46 pieces of colorful heat and pressure resistant plastic

With the hot air balloon service at Hon Tam Resort, tourists celebrate personal events such as a birthday or exchange wedding rings while floating over Nha Trang Bay

Once visiting Hon Tam Resort, you can excitingly enjoy the legendary beauty and calm your soul to enjoy the valuable moments of life

The weather here is so fresh with full of sun lights. Hon Tam Island is surrounded by blue crystal beaches and covered with primitive tropical forests

Hon Tam Resort – Eco Green Island is really an ideal paradise of privacy and peace



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Wedding photographer Hertfordshire from ARH Photography

There are some events that take part in our lives that we simply cannot repeat or re-live as much as we would love too. Things such as great nights out and days with friends we can re-enact and re-live. However special occasions such as our wedding day we cannot re-live however much we might want too.

For this reason it is important that you get keepsakes in order to the memory of your big day alive for as long as possible. On your wedding day there is always so much going on that you can’t possibly remember or even keep up with it all. This is one of the reasons that having professional wedding photographs taken is so important.

You can be everywhere on your wedding day or get to see everything, so wedding photos even give you a sneak peek of the moments that you may have missed.

Wedding photos are also great to share with the people that couldn’t make your big day. With all the best intentions, not all of your loved ones will be able to attend your event. By having photos taken you can share these with the non-attendees, so they can share in your happiness.

Finding a wedding photographer local to you shouldn’t be too much of a hard task. You can look online for “wedding photographer” but this of course will give you results from all over. Try and narrow down your search to help you find someone that is based near you. For example “wedding photographer Hertfordshire” will give you much more specific results. Most photographers have samples on their website, so this should give you an idea of the level of service that they offer and the quality of their photography skills. You want to make sure that the photos are quality and to a high standard, so by checking samples available you can check this before you go ahead and hire them to photograph your big day. Also don’t be afraid to check with them the style of photos that they are planning to take and speak to them if you have any exact ideas of how you would like your photos to be. can supply the best wedding photographer Hertfordshire to give the most stunning wedding photography Hertfordshire for you to remember your day for a lifetime.

Photography For Wedding Events In Denver

Now that it is congrats on your wedding engagement, it is now time to schedule photography for the special day in Denver. It will not be as simple as you think to hire a photographer. It will take time and effort just like when you had to search for the perfect wedding dress. You will need to find the best person or company that will give you the best quality pictures that will fit within your budget. If you hire the wrong photographer, it could actually ruin your special day and that is definitely something that you do not want to happen. Here are some tips to find a photographer that will meet your expectations.

First of all, it may not be wise to hire a family friend or relative to take pictures on your wedding day. What, if by chance, they dont turn out or you are really disappointed in the photos? That is not the type of situation that a couple should be in. It is best to rely on the professionals to take those beautiful pictures that you have been waiting for during that special event. They will have all the necessary equipment to take those shots that are either posed or candid. They are experienced, talented and artistic photographers who love what they do, which is to make your wedding a lifetime memory with the photos that you expect and want.

That is a lot of pressure on family friends or relatives, who are often adamant about taking the pictures for you. You could politely let them know that you are going to hire an outside photographer so that they are able to enjoy your special day and join in on the fun festivities that day.

When it comes time to find a professional, you can look on different websites to help locate a person or business. There will be several businesses located in the Denver area for your perusal. Take the time to look at different packages that are available and what they entail. Also, take a look at photos that the photographer has done. This will be a good indication if these are the types of photos that you want taken at your wedding. Make sure they can take traditional photos and candid photos that are artistic and creative. You may want to choose a couple of places and then give them a call to discuss prices, the types of photos that they would take and what you want and expect. Do you feel comfortable with this person? Make sure there is good chemistry between all of you so you have the best pictures on that day. You want someone who truly loves their profession and will be creative and give you pictures that you deserve.

These are just a few tips to get you in the right direction. Once you have found the right photography for your wedding in Denver, you will cherish the pictures forever.

For more information on Denver photography wedding, please visit our website.