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Bridesmaid wedding dresses

As a bride it is often assumed that your main decision is to do with the dress you are going to wear for your big day. Whilst your wedding dress is of course a massive decision and a big part of your big day, bridesmaid wedding dresses are also a big part of the decision.

If you have lots of bridesmaids then you may have to even budget for the type of dress that you want because of the cost of buying multiple dresses. It really doesn’t matter what type of budget you have, there are bridesmaid wedding dresses to suit everyone.

Some brides take some of the pressure off of themselves and let the bridesmaids choose their own dresses. This can be a great if you have a couple of bridesmaids and they are friends, so they can come to a decision together. However if you have bridesmaids that don’t know each other they ever need to try and compromise or you are going to have bridesmaids wedding dresses on your big day that don’t match.

If you are choosing the dresses then there are lots of decisions to be made. The great thing is that there are hundreds of different dresses available so you can really find something that matches exactly what you want. You’ll need to decide on the style of dress that you want and then you can look at colour schemes. Once again this is a personal decision, some like to have all their bridesmaids in the same colour, where as others like them all in the same dress in different shades – You can decide this when you start to shop around for your dresses.

One thing you need to be sure of, no matter what style you go for is that it doesn’t clash with your choice of dress. For this reason most brides like to choose their dress first and make sure they are 100% happy with it before they go ahead and order their bridesmaid wedding dresses.

Whatever you decide, it is probably a wise choice to include your bridesmaids in the decision on the dress, after all it is going to be something they wear all day so you want to make sure it is something that are happy and comfortable with. has a wide selection of bridesmaid wedding dresses they’re priced for a competitive market; visit our site for more information!

Wedding in Tuscany!

Life as a single is incredibly enjoyable for many reasons, but last month, the benefits of marriage were made crystal clear to me……Or maybe it was just the emotion evoked by what is no doubt the best wedding I’ve ever attended.

Ignoring all the elements of a wedding that should be present, obvious, apparent, the experience itself was on another level. I now understand why for some their local comune or city hall with pub reception afterwords may not cut it and why one may strive for something beyond the general church/bland catering circuit.

This villa in Tuscany was really the ideal backdrop to a marriage long in the making, and as happy as I was for my friend, I was even happier in attendance.

She really had the right idea, and I’ve noted the growing popularity in renting fabulous Tuscan villas for any occasion, romantic, touristic, or any other reason. Especially starting last spring one can find fabulous deals, often rivaling big name hotels and delivering more in freedom than any other accommodation can offer. Sure, one relinquishes the concierge service or even the help of a receptionist, but for the independant traveler on a budget looking for a different expierence, this may truly be the way to go. Or even the traveler wanting only day trips into town but simply hoping to find parking after a hard day’s sightseeing.

Easily reachable from both Montepulciano and Pienza, we were by no means in the middle of nowhere and still more than able to visit lovely historic towns on our shopping sprees for local delicacies.

Apparently, as a nice person booked our 3rd day explained, olive oil is NOT just a condiment to be poured over salad unscrupulously with little care to amount and flavor…..I knew this, but it’s hard to truly absorb back in the States with your choices of glass bottle and plastic. No, the olive oil can add just as much to the salad as the ingredients themselves and this is the region to truly lap that up.

Add the lessons in olive oil to not only wine tastings that our company booked, but the wine itself, and mix the wine and salad and you can begin getting the gist of my fabulous pre-siesta lunches that week.

Not to mention the breathtaking views, pool, and absolutely inspiring grounds we had free run of all week, able to just swim, paint, write, draw, cook, and wander to our hearts content without even going into town.

Whether specific to Le Macchie or not, these were all absolutely magical aspects of staying at a villa outside town rather than being crammed into a small B&B in the center of town, or even a 5 star hotel offering a multitude of services but not as many experiences. Part of the beauty of visiting other countries is seeing how the locals actually live, and Le Macchie truly provided this opportunity. It also opened our eyes, hearts, and camera lenses up to spectacular countryside we may not have seen otherwise, things we may not have tasted otherwise, and best of all, a truly relaxing/romantic/tranquil stay in absolutely astounding countryside.

From the get-go, our agency was very helpful in regards to directions, ideas of things to do, and general area pointers some of us may have been lost without, and we were most grateful; plus it made us aware that despite the lack of concierge service there was someone on hand for our queries, and this definitley increased comfort levels all around.

For those seeking a slightly more independent, yet guided journey, open atmosphere, peace and quiet, pure countryside, and the ability to park, I more than recommend villa rentals in this area and am both honored and privileged to have attended one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen, with this farmhouse as a backdrop.

God bless my friends, and happy renting to all who’ve caught onto the villa idea!

Wedding Gift Dilemmas

A great deal of anxiety is experienced by some, when considering the issue of wedding gifts. The bride and groom will often be anxious not to appear greedy in what they ask for, and guests will often worry that they appear too mean with what they offer.

This is, of course, a fairly modern phenomenon. Not so many years ago the rules were clear. For the most part, guests offered what they could afford and the bride and groom accepted with gratitude and a full understanding of the limitations, or otherwise, of their guest’s resources.

Traditionally, wedding gifts were designed to give the new couple a helping hand in starting their new life together. Gifts were generally of a practical nature, providing them with the essentials of setting up a home.

In  more recent times, this led to the “6 toasters” phenomenon, where several guests had the same gift idea. To try to avoid this, couples began to make lists of suitable items, which they then circulated to give guests an opportunity to mark off what they would buy. In this way, duplicates were kept to a minimum and newlyweds got all they needed to set up home.

Pretty soon, these lists were commercialised by businesses who saw an opportunity to maximise their chances of being the store of choice for wedding gifts. They began to offer first to hold, then to administer the lists, thereby relieving the couple of the burden and at the same time ensuring that most of the gifts for that particular wedding would be bought at their store.

These days, lists, or registers as they are sometimes known, can often be lodged with several stores and the range of items listed can vary widely, so everyone gets a chance to find something to fit their budget.

If you are getting married soon, and plan to set up a gift register, try to remember to provide as much choice as possible for your guests. That way you are much more likely to get what you want, rather than something more likely to gather dust in the attic.

Good Luck!

Jessica Short

Jessica Short is a full time writer, wife and mom. She lives with her husband, Jack and daughter Freya. She writes mainly about home life and issues facing the family in the world today.

Winter Wedding Wonderland!

OK we are now in 2009 and WOW haven’t Weddings changed over the years?

We used to have weddings in churches only years ago but over the last few decades they are becoming increasingly popular in hotels and other venue locations, as has the time of year to get married.

In the last few years Winter Weddings are on the rise especially whilst we are mid flow of a credit crunch (yes I know that dreaded credit crunch!). However, money was never one to stand in the way of love hence the reason people spend so much on one day with the average wedding costing around 17,000 pounds.

Planning a Wedding during the low season (Oct-Apr) does mean that more and more people are paying less for their Wedding supplies and venues, saving couples thousands. Now obviously weather cannot be grumbled with during the winter periods but hey, we live in England what’s new? Worst you can probably expect is rain and snow!

But don’t let our English weather sway decisions for the winter months, as November can bring beautiful frosty mornings where dew falls on spider’s webs and gives a crystal like effect, and where fields look like sheets of glitter and the skies are so clear you can see forever.

Winter is also a time of happiness as Christmas is upon us and is a joyful time of year and extra decorations can be added to your Wedding either as a Theme or just to add that extra sparkle to the day.

As many couples find when organising a Wedding, things can get difficult but by planning a winter wedding you are more than likely to bag some great deals and you can practice some good negotiation techniques with your suppliers.

Remember, this is YOUR wedding day so choose and plan how you want to be.

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Merry Wedding Day!

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Wedding Etiquette 101

Wedding etiquette is an important thing to remember when attending the big event. Not only are sets of etiquette important for the well-being of an individual. These are also necessary for a peaceful and orderly event.

There are many sets of etiquette that must be used in a wedding that the guests often forget. These often come out as impolite gestures that are sometimes offensive to the newlyweds. Here are some:

• Using loud and harsh tones
Most guests are insensitive enough to talk in a loud voice even when they are only 15 inches away from the person that they are talking to. This tends to distract the other guests or disturb the ceremony proper. As much as possible, engage into a conversation by using a low and pleasant voice.

• Bringing a child
There are wedding invitations that already indicate that bringing of children is not allowed. This is because there are instances where children run around and scream out loud. Their parents have no control over them. There’s a chance that they will disrupt the ceremony.

• Smoking in inappropriate places
Show consideration when smoking. Smoke only on designated places. Do not pull out a stick and light it in a middle of the ceremony or while dinner is served. Instead, choose an open area where no one can inhale the smoke that you will emit.

• Criticizing a tradition
A wedding is one ceremony that can be filled with traditions. If there are practices and customs that are a tad unusual for the guest’s taste, it is better that the guest be remain quiet and just observe on what’s happening. Do not bash or criticize it. This is a wedding etiquette that must be kept in mind.

• Being a party pooper
A party pooper is someone who has attended the wedding but refuses to participate when the situation so requires. Be cooperative and participate in the activities during the wedding. For example, if you’re unattached, join in as the bride or groom throws away the garter or the bouquet. Do not sulk in a corner or hide under the dessert table.

• Using cell phone
Using a cell phone especially when the ceremony is on-going is a big no-no. No couple would want to look back on their special day remembering that it was disrupted by an inconsiderate guest who entertained a call while they are saying their vows.

Wedding etiquette must be taken with the guest as they come to the event. Make the event memorable for everyone by acting appropriately.

To your beautiful wedding!

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Photographing a Wedding

Photographing a wedding is both rewarding and a challenge. New professional photographers may find it a bit intimidating. The article offers a sampling of tried and true tips on how to be successful when shooting a wedding.

1. Arrive early at the wedding location and photograph the wedding dress as soon as possible. There are several reasons for this. First, there is usually not much else going on – no ceremony or ready family members, groomsmen, bride, groom or bridesmaids. In addition, once the bride is dressed, the opportunity to take shots of just the dress has pretty much passed.

2. When photographing the shoes, put the shoes on a glass table with the dress in the background. Clients love this look.

3. Find a mirror in the room where the dress is being stored. Hang the dress in the room in a location where you are able to see it when looking in the mirror. Take a picture of the dress in the mirror. This is another look that clients love.

4. After shooting the details you should then be able to get some shots of the bride getting ready. Get a few shots of make-up application.

5. When shooting bridal portraits try and get a few shots of the bride looking out the window.

6. Look for staircases. Take a few shots on any available staircases. Get a few shots of the bride as she comes down the stairs.

7. When you have the bride, bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen together, orchestrate a “Toyota Shout Jump.” If you are old enough to remember, Toyota had a commercial where the T.V. frame would freeze while the people buying a Toyota would jump for joy. The screen would freeze right at the highest point of the jump. Direct the company to jump all at once and then try and catch them all at the highest point of the leap.

Shooting a wedding is a challenge; but if done correctly can be both fiscally and professionally rewarding. By incorporating some of the above suggestions into a new photographer’s routine, he can have greater assurance that these jobs turn out to be a success.

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Wedding Fashion ’09

It’s that time of year again when the wedding invitations start to drop through the letterbox. The first thought to pop into your mind is ‘What on earth am I going to wear?’. Of course, everyone will be looking at the blushing bride and focusing on her apparel, but you also want to look your best at the wedding. Gone are the days when it was a foregone conclusion that the ceremony would take place in a church or other place of worship, and it was simply a matter of wearing a smart outfit and suitable hat. The wedding outfit that you choose also depends on the type of venue for the wedding reception. This may be a semi-formal affair in an elegant hotel or under a marquee in the grounds of a stately home, or perhaps a more relaxed affair in a pub or even in the home of the bride’s family.

If possible, find out what other women are planning to wear on the day, and dress accordingly. Satins and silks with plenty of ruffles and frills are very much in fashion for 2009, and so there are many options for suitable wedding clothes for women in the High Street shops. Keep your choice of clothing simple but feminine, and select something that you can wear for other occasions like parties or meals out, so that you are not stuck with a fashion item that is unwearable again. A simple knee length silk or silk look dress in black with ruffles across the bodice edged in white makes a good choice and can be coordinated with matching black and white clutch bag and black and white stilettos.

For those cooler days or evening receptions, wear a black or white pashmina around the shoulders. A pashmina is an excellent and versatile addition to any wardrobe and can be worn throughout the summer with any outfit, casual or smart. Another option is a floral print rushed neck dress with white background, worn with strappy sandals. Pick out one of the colours from the print and use this as your accessory colour, for clutch bags, shoes, jewellery and perhaps a fascinator rather than a hat. Accompany the dress with a cropped crisp linen tailored jacket.

For a formal wedding, a black jacket over a white knee length tailored sleeveless dress can be worn with black patent heels and matching handbag, with a wide brimmed and lace trimmed black and white shot silk hat. The Teatro Organza Dress from Littlewoods Direct fits the bill perfectly and will not cost an arm and a leg at under £70. For a summer wedding, the perfect dress shape is one with fitted bodice and waisted with a contrasting belt or sash, with a large floral print. This can be worn with a shrug or black jacket for the ceremony. At the reception, remove the jacket to reveal a sleeveless party dress that has been dressed up with plenty of jangly bangles.

Remember not to overshadow the bride. It is her big day and she has to be the belle of the ball. Avoid tight clothes, low necklines or high hem lines. Be discreet in what you wear, but choose an outfit that will be suitable for the solemn ceremony and the lively party afterwards.

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Marie Hilland

Bali Wedding Choices

There are many reasons of people willing to spend lots of their money for such Wedding ceremony in island of Gods, Bali, which mainly because of the environment and great scenery it has other places wouldn’t have it. Lapped up the tender waters of the Indian Ocean, Bali is merely one of 17,500 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, yet even among its colorful neighbors-and even after decades of tourism growth-it remains firm alone in its lushness and incomparable beauty.

Long, sugary beaches head inland to hillsides terraced with jewel-green rice paddies; woodlands dispersed with ancient temples abound. These centuries-old shrines-there are thousands scattered across the island-are bear witness of Bali’s rich, imperishable spirituality.

This is true that Bali has becoming one of the popular destinations in the world because of its natural terrain around the island, and for some people this island has symbolizing romanticism so that it’s a good idea to held a wedding in this place. So, if you are about to have Bali Wedding, there are many determinations you should consider, especially in maintaining everything related to the ceremony itself, such as the accommodations and soon.

There are 2 options available in this case. You can do it yourself for all the arrangement, both your accommodations and the guests of your ceremony, this should be a little hassling if you are not genuinely Balinese, but at least you can save lots of your money though.

In other hand, the second choice is to hire Bali Wedding agency to help you arrange everything to be easier for you. You will have a better feeling to find everything being well maintained with less hassles on you so you can be more focused on the ceremony, though there will be additional costs for the service. Well, it’s all yours to choose the best for you.

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Small Wedding Planning

Although, weddings can be very costly today, you can still make it your dream day. Having a small wedding for a few close friends and family members, will enable you to be a bit more flexible with some of the details than you would otherwise.

At a small wedding, you will have more time to spend with your friends and family, and it will be far less stressful. You will be able to concentrate on the finer details and make sure everyone has a great time.

Tips for small wedding planning:

Tip 1:
Smaller weddings generally seem more personal than the large social events some people choose. When you are planning a small wedding, you have a lot more options on where to hold the event. You can have it in your home or a friend/relatives home or you could have a garden wedding. Other venues could be historic inns, museums, historic homes, and on a train or a boat. Some of these places may not advertise availability for weddings, but that’s because they don’t want enquiries from people holding large events. It’s always worth asking.

Tip 2:
Depending on your budget, you can have hors d’oeuvres, a full buffet, or go for a full catered event. If your wedding party is small enough, you can even reserve a room at your favourite restaurant. Some restaurants will even print a special menu just for your event and you can choose to make it as simple or as lavish as you wish.

Tip 3:
Use flowers that are in season. Ask your florist about the best in season flowers. Let them know what you want and your budget. Also be aware that out of season flowers can also be cheap and may help in decorating in other areas, such as the hallway. Leaving your ideal flowers for decorating the tables etc. However, don’t worry too much about the flowers, as guests are more likely to remember the food than the flowers.

Tip 4:
Have a small wedding cake for display and a large sheet cake to cut and serve from the kitchen. You can serve the cake as the dessert after the meal.

Tip 5:
You will be able to involve your guests for when planning a small wedding. You could have each guest sign their name and write their sentiments on the tablecloth. Through time, these could be embroidered onto the tablecloth to be passed down through the generations.

Tip 6:
Give each member of your families a flower, and have them line the aisle. As the bride proceeds towards the altar, she takes each one and assembles her bouquet as she goes, symbolising the contributions the family makes to this union.

Tip 7:
Ask each of the guests to say a few words about the couple, or ask them to write a few things down ahead of time, and compile them into a document for one person to read out.

Tip 8:
Make your wedding program more into more of a booklet and keepsake. Include messages to each of the guests and explanations of why you chose your flowers, readings, colours, music, etc. If your wedding is held in a unique place, give some information about it.

Tip 9:
Be your own ushers after the service. You can greet each guest as they leave the service.

Tip 10:
Have a guestbook for all your guests to share comments and messages. You could have a page for each guest and will be a great keepsake of your day.

Tip 11:
Have your photographer take photos of all your guests, either in one large group photo or as couples, families etc.

Tip 12:
Have a slide show of photos of each of you from childhood and on up through meeting each another. Include photos of each of you with your families and other guests. Then show the slides during the reception, either with music you have created or with some narration.

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Gold Wedding Shoes

Are you a bride thinking about gold wedding shoes for your wedding?  Are you considering them but not sure how they will look with your dress?  If so, here are some tips to think through before you decide.

1.  Color

Do you like the color gold?  Is your dress ivory or cream?  Or, does your dress have gold rhinestones on them?  If you answered yes to at least one of these things, then gold may be the right color for you.  If your answer is no and your dress has silver rhinestones, then you may want to consider silver wedding shoes.  The gold has to match your dress and the beading on your dress, otherwise it will look funny.

2.  Sparkle

Are you looking for something that sparkles?  Or do you want something that is more toned down.  Gold comes in both a shinier color and a matte color if you want to stick with it.  The sparkle is really pretty and really helps the shoe stand out.  Also, depending on the style, it will sparkle differently.  For example, if you have strappy shoes, then it will sparkle, but won’t be as intense as pumps since the straps are usually thin.  Either way, make sure you are comfortable with the sparkle of the gold.

3.  Shade

Make sure you know what shade of gold you want.  Besides being matted or sparkly, gold also comes in many tones.  There is a deeper tone that is closer to bronze and a lighter tone that is closer to yellow.  The deeper tone is more traditional although the lighter tone can be a little more girly and fun.  One tip is to buy 2 different pairs and try them on with your dress.  This way, you can see how they accent your feet and your dress at the same time.

4.  Jewelry

Many women tend to have silver wedding bands and silver engagement rings.  If you are one of those women, don’t worry.  Gold and silver are being paired together by many designers so you won’t have a problem if you want to mix the 2.  If you do choose gold shoes, try to choose a gold necklace and gold earrings to match.  This will make everything more consistent.

5.  Traditional vs. non-traditional

Gold is actually a very traditional and elegant color.  However, make sure you are comfortable with wearing gold wedding shoes since they tend to be a bit more non-traditional than white or ivory wedding shoes.  Also, remember, gold shoes will be a lot easier to wear in the future to your Christmas parties or any other cocktail parties that you will be going to.

Jenny Wells is a shoe fanatic and shops for shoes more than 3 times a week. She chooses bridal shoes for the wedding shoes site and has found some fantastic gold wedding shoes, silver wedding shoes, white bridal shoes and more – all for brides looking for the perfect shoes for their wedding.