High School Fundraising Ideas: Candy Bars Will Help You Earn Big Money

High School Fundraising Ideas: Candy Bars Will Help You Earn Big Money

Take a good look at a candy bar. What do you see? Others see candy bars as sweet and delicious treats, which they can enjoy during lazy hours or as a source of a quick energy surge while others see dollars signs. Yes, the latter is true but not literally of course. Selling candy bars is among the easiest yet most profitable high school fundraising ideas today. Each of the products that you’re going to sell in this type of fundraising campaign costs at a dollar to two dollars only, which means that selling them will be easy.

High school fundraising ideas like selling candy bars work as a product fundraiser specifically as a direct sale fundraiser in the sense that you’re going to build up a team of sales volunteers for this who will be roaming the streets of your community to sell to people. It’s really easy, you sell to people and you get money in return. This is a total no-brainer but this can help you earn a lot of money in the end. With brands like Nestle, Mars, World’s Finest Chocolate, and Hershey’s you will surely draw in your customers to make a sale. The products that you will be selling in this campaign will be placed in carrying cases that contain packages of 12, which means that each of your sales volunteers get to sell out 12 products from a single purchase.

An important thing to keep in mind when you’re doing this fundraiser is to shop for suppliers. This is essential to do as to the reason that competition for this can be really tough because of discounts that usually exceed 50 percent. Based on this, it would be a wise decision for you to look for a supplier or fundraising company that’ll be able to provide you your supplies at a really low cost so that you can lift your profit margins and your net profit. When you look over different fundraising companies, make sure that you eliminate ones that charge expensive shipping fees. Some fundraising companies offer free freight deals and these are the best ones for you to choose. Looking for a company that features incentives that can help you to encourage your customers to buy from you and your sales volunteers to generate more sales would be really good. In this way, you can place in some in motivation in your game play. A good incentive for customers would be including coupons on the backs of the wrappers of some of your products. These coupons can be for discounts on pizza or sub sandwiches. For your sellers on the other hand, you can reward your top 3 sellers with a prize. This will spark up competition in your team, which will in turn cause your sales volunteers to work really hard at selling your products to their customers. Motivation is one of the key factors that make a fundraising campaign successful. This works for both sellers and customers.

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